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Stop Setting Up Junior Teams!

Setting up a Youth team I thought was a fantastic idea but I’m now sat in the off season thinking I have messed up

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Top Tips for running a Facebook Page (Part 1)

This first part of ‘Top Tips For Running A Facebook Page’ will focus on the absolute basics that every Club or Organisation should be getting right.

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First forfeit of 2018!

Carlisle have drawn first blood in the fight to be the wankiest team in the UK by forfeiting their game against Chester in 2 days. Their official announcement is in the comments, blaming player safety is the usual bollocks you hear from poorly run teams but then adding that pitch availability is a problem too…

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Those poor darlings

UniBall really is the gift that keeps on giving.. This text was sent from Bradfords Team President less than 24hours before they were scheduled to kickoff against Tarranau Aberystwyth. #JustLettingYouKnow

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