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This is how I see the draft unfolding, no crazy trades as I will probably only get about 5 players correct anyway!

The Best and The Worst – Analysing Every NFL Draft Since 2003

Common sense tells us that teams who pick higher will get better players, but does that reflect reality?

Clubs who need money wanted!

We are looking for 2 UK American Football Clubs to give up to £500 of funding to each!

2019 Mock Draft

How I think the draft will pan out, not necessarily what I think should happen!

Introducing: Britball Stat of the Week

Wide receivers posting 200 yard games off of just 3 catches, running backs with 4 touchdowns and 5 fumbles on 9 carries

League One North Week One – Five Things We Learned

Bear in Mind The Nottingham Bears are the story of the MEC League One divisions after the first round of action. Their schedule was a little favourable, with two development teams on the menu, but their victory over the Newcastle Blackhawks had us stunned at FFW Towers. We had the Bears as a middling team…

SEC Week One – Five Things We Learned

Practice Pays off The London Smoke practice four hours a week and it showed, as they are off to a blistering start in the SEC Premier Division. While the wins and scorelines are impressive, it is their clinical execution that has us impressed. They’re sitting pretty at the top of the division on points scored,…

HNC Week One – Five Things We Learned

Broncos buck Hornets By far the most interesting thing from the first weekend of action was the Grangemouth Broncos overcoming the Glasgow Hornets for the first time in three years. The Broncos weren’t even at full strength, making this hurdle cleared all the more impressive. That threadbare squad played mistake free football, and at one…

Your Rookie Year and What to Expect

For whatever reason you’re playing the sport, embrace the why.

A Beginner’s Guide to the NFL Draft: 2019

A simple guide to explain what you need to know to keep track of what’s going on and understand what’s happening.

BAFA release update to Tier 4 visa situation

BAFA have released an update to the public on the Tier 4 visa situation.


The UKAFL, now UK American Football Live, will stream American Football games from the UK.

E38 – The One Where Steve Goes Senile

Here they chat about Russell Wilson and Gav asks if there are any teams not under pressure

BAFA suspend a number of foreign nationals with potential bans and club fines to follow

BAFA have released the following statement regarding their suspension of a number of players. They also confirm that this could lead to potential bans as well as fines for clubs involved.

BAFA Flag Premier League 2019 Preview – South West Conference (SWC)

The SWC might not have had much success at Britbowl, but they combined to win the third edition of the Super 5s tournament!

Draft with Rob Staton

The boys are back with a couple of weird world stories, a look at some of the National Enquirer-esque stories in the NFL recently.

The Draft war rooms are coming!

With just over a 2 weeks to go until the 2019 Draft in Nashville, the lads are back to tell you why its so important for the 32 teams.

BAFA Flag Premier League 2019 Preview – Middle England Conference (MEC)

The MEC has provided us with many talking points in the past few seasons and this year is no different.

Gridiron Hub Podcast – Episode 9

Moose and Oz are back after a brief hiatus.

Draft Prospects – Offence

Time to focus on the draft prospects on offence for this podcast.

We love American Football and the Hub is where you will (eventually) find everything you need to follow, watch, play, coach, or support the game.

Gridiron Hub will be added to and expanded over the coming weeks and months, we will initially be focussing on helping players, clubs and anyone involved in American Football in the UK. Once we have the format nailed we will expand to cover and support other leagues around Europe.

We will also be offering up a large amount of content on the NFL for those of you who like Fantasy Football and Betting.

Take a look below for samples of the content you will find across the different sections that we currently offer.

Visit our Forum to read and join in on discussions around all things NFL and Britball related

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