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BAFA Press Release after GB U19 DC leaves

BAFA issue a press release to address rumours on social media regarding the departure of Defensive Co-ordinator

GB U19’s Head Coach relieved of responsibilities ahead of international games

We will not go into detail beyond saying that it was felt that a change of direction was required.

I Have A Story | Simon Lowe

There became a time where it all got too much.

5 Yard Rush | State of the Franchise Part 1 – AFC East & AFC West

Stocks & Murf are joined by two thirds of All32 to discuss the first 8 teams in the ‘State of the Franchise’ series.

The Full 10 Yards | Head Coach Shuffle, New Alliances

We bring you up to speed on all the latest NFL news.

Ice The Kicker | S2 Ep1

Ice The Kicker reaches season 2, its not only a new football season its also the boys brand new season back by popular demand!

5 Yard Rush | 50th Episode Celebrations

The guys dive back into podcast history and relive some top moments from the last year and 50 podcasts. .

How to make money from American Football

Take a moment out of your flagrant procrastination and spend it instead reading this, another Fun List. We’ve been here before.

A&J Talk NFL | S3E23 Patriots Superbowl 53 Champions

The most in-depth analysis Adam & Jamie have ever done as we crunch through Rams Offense v Patriots Defense and Patriots Offense v Rams Defense to try and work out who will become Superbowl 53 Champions.

I Have A Story | Craig Owen

Harbouring all this pain would then cause me to lash out when it got too much.

The Collapsing Pocket | CPP #113: Nipple Talk

The boys are 24 hours late reconvening as they shake off epic hangovers from the Superbowl.

Rules Changes announced for the 2019 Season

The BAFA rules committee has announced the rules changes that will go into effect on the 1st of March

The American Fitbaw Cast | E33 – QB Questions And The Windy City

Quarterbacks who may or may not be in a job come the start of next season.

Waxing Lyrical | Super Bowl LIII Review

The boys are back looking forward to the Super Bowl, focussing on some facts, some fun and also their Picks.

Kickers Matter Podcast | Dalton Byrom

The KMWO recap the Super Bowl, get into the new coaching hires and the implications for fantasy. State of the Franchise returns.

Bill Belichicks World Podcast | The Superbowl Hangover

Belichick vs McVay and there was only one winner in the end.

The Full 10 Yards | Super Bowl Winners, Losers and Stories

Rob Grimwood of Across the Fantasy pond joins Tim and Lee to review the Super Bowl which has differing opinions.

5 Yard Rush | Super Bowl 53 Review (it wasn’t boring), general NFL news & Murfs fresh hair cut

Stocks & Murf dive into the Super Bowl result. They breakdown why it wasn’t boring and give Goff what for.

Ice The Kicker | Ep22

For the first time ever Ice The Kicker Pod has its own awards to give out to the stars of the NFL. Better than the Oscar goodie bags!

Super Bowl LIII FREE Draw

Steve picks the winner and runner up of our Super Bowl LIII prize draw.

We love American Football and the Hub is where you will (eventually) find everything you need to follow, watch, play, coach, or support the game.

Gridiron Hub will be added to and expanded over the coming weeks and months, we will initially be focussing on helping players, clubs and anyone involved in American Football in the UK. Once we have the format nailed we will expand to cover and support other leagues around Europe.

We will also be offering up a large amount of content on the NFL for those of you who like Fantasy Football and Betting.

Take a look below for samples of the content you will find across the different sections that we currently offer.

Visit our Forum to read and join in on discussions around all things NFL and Britball related

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