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Episode 24 – Week 2 Preview and Picks – Hi Mrs Bezos

Week 2 picks against the spread and planning a Vegas trip!

NFL Week 1: Funny moments, bad plays and the Lions!

With week 1 NFL in the books, I thought I’d put together some of the funny or memorable moments from the weekend!

Episode 23 – NFL 2020 Week 1 Recap – The Teams That Shall Not Be Named

Week 1 is over and the boys are recapping a fun weekend!

NFL Week 1 Overreactions!

Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season is in the books and fans have some overreactions, so we break them all down and investigate to see if it really is an overreaction!

8GL Statement Regarding The Death Of Jack Welding

8GL statement regarding the death of Jack Welding

Top Fantasy Football Lineup Week 1!

Reviewing the top fantasy football lineup that you could have put together in week 1 with a good showing from our Daft Kings duo!

Armchair QB’s Game Preview: Week 2 Ravens @ Texans!

After a cracking first week of NFL Football, the Armchair QBs are back with their Game of the Week preview and this time it’s Texans V Ravens!

Cooper Kupp, Rams Agree To Three-Year Extension!

Star wide receiver Cooper Kupp has agreed to three more years with the Rams, how many big money deals can Los Angeles give out?

Alvin Kamara And The Saints Agree To BIGGER Contract!

Just as news of Dalvin Cook’s deal broke, Alvin Kamara and the Saints come in with a deal worth roughly $3 million per year more!

Dalvin Cook, Vikings Agree On Big Extension!

The Minnesota Vikings and star running back Dalvin Cook have agreed on a five-year extension, what does this deal look like?

Daft Kings Season 2 Ep 8: Week 1 DraftKings Lineup Advice and Tips!

Gridiron Hub’s resident NFL Fantasy experts bring you this podcast focused on the greatest game on earth.

Building a Successful Britball Team!

We look at what it takes to build a successful Britball team from the ground up with all the key components covered if you want to start your own!

Game Preview: Patriots v Dolphins!

Back with another game preview before our first NFL Sunday and we’re taking a look at an interesting matchup between the Patriots and Dolphins!

Armchair QB’s Game Preview: Buccaneers v Saints!

It’s NFL Sunday once again, Hallelujah, and the Armchair QBs have taken a deeper preview into the premier game between the Buccaneers and the Saints!

What We Saw: A Quick Review From Chiefs v Texans!

With the first game between the Chiefs and the Texans in the books, we’re doing a quick review looking at highlights, lowlights and what we might expect to see moving forward!

Wilkins World: Wants List To Make Britball Better!

Adam Wilkins talks about his ideal world and his list of wants when it comes to Britball, whether you agree or not, let us know your thoughts!

The 2020 College Season, Postponed, Opt-Outs And The Impact On Future NFL Stars!

Looking at the effect of COVID-19 on the 2020 season with a postponed college season and opt-outs what does this mean for future NFL stars?

Gridiron Hub Talks XFL With Anthony Miller

Gridiron Hub talks to accredited XFL reporter Anthony Miller, about the history, last season and his hopes for the future of the XFL.

Where To Watch NFL In The UK 2020?

In can be confusing for us UK fans about where to watch the NFL as there are restrictions and different platforms so we thought we’d set it straight!

NFL UK Announces 888Sport As New Betting Partner!

NFL UK partners with 888Sport to become the official betting partner!

We love American Football and the Hub is where you will (eventually) find everything you need to follow, watch, play, coach, or support the game.

Gridiron Hub will be added to and expanded over the coming weeks and months, we will initially be focussing on helping players, clubs and anyone involved in American Football in the UK. Once we have the format nailed we will expand to cover and support other leagues around Europe.

We will also be offering up a large amount of content on the NFL for those of you who like Fantasy Football and Betting.

Take a look below for samples of the content you will find across the different sections that we currently offer.


Shows is a platform for anyone to publish American Football related podcasts

Episode 24 – Week 2 Preview and Picks – Hi Mrs Bezos

By James Platt

Episode 23 – NFL 2020 Week 1 Recap – The Teams That Shall Not Be Named

By James Platt

Daft Kings Season 2 Ep 8: Week 1 DraftKings Lineup Advice and Tips!

By James Platt

Daft Kings Season 2 Ep 7: Fantasy League Draft With Viewers!

By James Platt

Daft Kings Season 2 Ep 6: Madden Giveaway and top fantasy football tips!

By James Platt

Daft Kings Season 2 Ep 5: Fantasy Football Mock Draft V2 With Oz!

By James Platt

Episode 18 -AFC and NFC West Preview with Cameron Hobbs – More Cowbell!

By Hub Admin - Steve

Episode 17 – AFC and NFC North Preview – Pencil Gimmick

By Hub Admin - Steve

Daft Kings Season 2 Ep 4: Former NFL Scout Interview & My Guys!

By James Platt

Episode 16 – Old Men Yell At Clouds

By Hub Admin - Steve

Daft Kings Season 2 Ep 3: Ranking Fantasy Football Running Backs

By James Platt

Daft Kings Season 2 Ep 2: Ranking Fantasy Football QBs Tier List

By James Platt

Gridiron Hub Madden Tournament 3 – Group Stage Double Header Livestream 1

By Hub Admin - Steve

Daft Kings Season 2 Ep 1: Fantasy Football Mock Draft!

By James Platt

Episode 15 – Buccaneers v Panthers – October 13th 2019 Week 6 – London Town Innit Bruv

By Hub Admin - Steve

Episode 14 – Carolina Panthers @ New England – Week 4 – October 8th 2017 – Mo Money Mo Problems

By Hub Admin - Steve

Episode 13 – Atlanta Falcons @ Arizona Cardinals – Week 6 13th October 2019 – Revenge of the Flea Flicker

By Hub Admin - Steve

Episode 12 – Oklahoma @ Texas Tech – October 22nd 2016 – Defence Optional

By Hub Admin - Steve

Episode 11 – West Virginia v Clemson – January 4th 2012 Orange Bowl – More Redbull

By Hub Admin - Steve

Episode 10 | Oregon v Washington State – October 20th 2018 – Swing Your Sword

By Hub Admin

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