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Hardship Fund

Funding Requested: £500.00

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Geraint Griffiths

Senior General Manager | Chester Romans American Football Club

Our club has quite a few students and young players, some times it is a struggle for some of them to find the money to pay for subs or away travel. I have also realised some weeks we miss the odd player, and it has been brought to my attention, that they take a week or two off claiming to be injured, just so they don't have to feel embarrassed, incase the are asked about subs or anything else to do with money.
I would like this fund so we could have a way of helping these players out so they never miss a game or training session, we at The Romans are all about family, and part of being family is helping each other in times of need.
This hardship fund would go a long way to keep all our players playing the sport they love, from our youth and junior teams to our seniors, every player in our club would have the benefit of this fund.

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