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Edinburgh Outlaws Flag Football Funding

Funding Requested: £1000

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Angus Ballantine

Fundraising Coordinator | Edinburgh Outlaws Flag American Football Club

The Edinburgh Outlaws aim to bring the sport of flag football to a wider audience, and to expand our player base and grow the visibility and popularity of the sport in Edinburgh.

American Football is becoming ever more popular in the UK, but the full-contact version can be expensive and time consuming, as well as incredibly physically demanding. Flag football is a great way for people who may not want to commit to a kitted team to get involved, and can be played by almost anyone.

As a club we welcome players (aged 16 and over) of all abilities, genders and levels of experience. Our team has welcomed players from all over the world, and we have all bonded over our shared love of the game. We currently recruit through Facebook, Twitter, Gumtree and visibility of training sessions but we are looking to expand our recruitment drive this season with targeted poster and flyer campaigns in gyms, universities and sports clubs, as well as pop-up signage at training and gamedays. We'd also like to refresh some of the club kit/equipment, as it's been a few seasons since we last stocked up on footballs, medical kit, and jerseys.

We know that there are many more American Football fans out there in the city, and want to encourage them to take up the sport, make friends, lead a healthier lifestyle and most importantly, have fun!

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