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Additional Equipment

Funding Requested: £500.0

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John Brady

President | Edge Hill University Vikings American Football Team

This funding would allow us to fully outfit our new crop of rookie players. We have had an unexpected surge in recruitment this year, and have had over twice the number of recruits join the team than expected.
We would use this funding to buy 10 full sets lowers with which to outfit these rookies, as well as to buy 5 more training footballs so we have more than enough to cover the whole team, as at current time we have 7 training balls for the entire team to use. When every positional group wants to use footballs in training, this stretches us too thin, and has a detrimental effect to training.
We are a small university with a sports department who's budget does not cover this kind of expense. We are asking for this funding as the only other option would be to either increase subs for players drastically, thereby limiting who can play for us, or to rely on donations from the general public, which has not proven successful in the past.
We are using our own team savings to cover the cost of additional pads and helmets, and this funding would help us not only keep costs low for our players but secure our future for the next few years, as we are approaching a point where we need to begin replacing our current equipment for safety reasons, as they are becoming too old or worn down to safely use. As a team we want to address this now before it becomes a major problem.
As a team, we want to expand and strive to be among the best in Britball, and an expanded kit inventory is where we can start.
I hope you select our funding application.

Thank you,
John Brady
EHU Viking Club President

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