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Week three was a little more subdued than the previous week thankfully. However, that didn’t stop a few games falling by the wayside with a couple of forfeits due to player availability and postponements due to Covid. It felt like we seen an increase in the proportion of blow outs this week with only a handful of games being close contests.

Doncaster Turned Over By Rams

Despite their week 1 loss to Humber, I saw the first result as a positive as it was the first game the Mustangs had been truly competitive in since their 2018 last game of the season victory over the Coventry Jets. The feeling of progress was rapidly halted this week when they played the Rams, while admittedly a strong Division 1 side, battered the Mustangs 57-0. Going by the Twitter updates, Doncaster turned the ball over SEVEN times including, 1 Muffed punt, 1 pick 6, 4 fumbles, two of which were on back-to-back drives and 1 blocked Field goal returned for 6. Giving your opponent that many extra possessions, as well as two scores, is only ever going to result in disaster and something they will need to eliminate from their game.

Kent Exiled By The Blitz Again

The Exiles proved their first matchup with the Blitz was no fluke by once again running them close, unfortunately for the Exiles close just wasn’t quite enough, after losing the first matchup to a late Field goal after leading most of the game, the 2nd match followed a painfully similar vein when they lead most the game this time only to fall foul of a late Blitz Touchdown. A clear show how far the Exiles have come in a short space of time. I’m sure that’s no consolation for the two defeats but it is positive.

Bulls Stampede Over Hereford

The Stampede received a very rude awakening to league life when they opened their campaign against the Birmingham Bulls. The Bulls showed no mercy racking up a 56-6 scoreline. The Bulls don’t appear to have lost a step with the break, immediately returning to aggressive defence and some explosive offence.

Essex Show Spartan Mettle

The Spartans opened their season with a rearranged fixture against the Thunderbolts and, despite the Sussex B team having formed only a couple of months previous, the Essex side showed them no mercy. After weathering the early storm of falling behind 2-0, the Spartans went immediately to work, showing off a new explosive offence that simply bulldozed its way through the Thunderbolts.

Stallions Ride Defence To Another Win

Wembley showed exactly how they intended to play in their opener against the Cheetahs, with a powerful ground game designed to wear the opposition down and chew up clock, and an equally powerful defence. They conceded only one score in both their games on the way to a 2-0 start, a 19-7 win against the Cheetahs followed by a 19-6 win against the Blitz B. If they continue to hold teams to a single score, they are more often than not going to win games.

Warhawks Soar To Unbeaten Start

Humber showed clear signs of a continued upward trend when they opened the season with a 24-17 win over the Mustangs, but it got even better when for the first time, they started their season 2-0 with a 16-8 win against what is believed to be a good Leeds Bobcats team. While we had them on a ceiling of 4-4, they already look like they could be setting out to beat that, and whilst they have upcoming games against the Rams and the Giants, they still have rematches with Doncaster and Leeds and their matchups with the Raiders. A good start to what could be a good campaign.

Worcestershire Turn Out To Be Weak Sauce

The Black Knights had a difficult 2019 and with all teams we hope to see some sort of recovery or improvements. Early indications, however, suggest that doesn’t look like the case, they were unable to play their season opener and when they eventually got underway, they faced off against fellow Division 2 side the Swindon Storm who were just off of a game against the Bristol Aztecs. Despite that, the Knights were comprehensively battered 42-0. With some tough opponents coming up, it doesn’t look great for the Worcester side.

Alphas Out Last Bombers In Punt Fest

The Scunthorpe Alphas opened their competitive account with a 10-3 upset win over the experienced Lincolnshire Bombers. Following the game, on Twitter it looked like the game was a defensive slugfest with an ongoing contest for the best punt. The poor Bombers admin seemed to grow frustrated with the number of punts ongoing and even missed the Bombers field goal. The Alphas outlasted their opponents and held on for the win, no mean feat for any team in their first competitive league game.

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