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After last weeks explosion of stories, the game slate reduced to a Fantastic five matchups, four in Scotland and one in South Wales. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t some things to learn this week.

Wolves Remain Kings Of Scotland

Much like with the world of football’s dubious goals panel, I have had a discussion with the British American football standings panel, and due to the fact both East Kilbride and the Edinburgh Wolves both won a game 14-0, it has been concluded that the Edinburgh Wolves maintain their Kings of Scotland crown. It was a good result for the Wolves who flipped the score on a strong EKP team and look to be building nicely into 2022

Aztecs Shut Out South Wales

The Aztecs have quietly plodded along in 2021 winning all their games and rounding out their perfect season with a shut out 20-0 victory over the South Wales Warriors. It’s been really difficult to gauge the Aztecs as they can only play what’s in front of them, and while they only faced one team higher than Division 2, they appear to have rotated through their squad all year getting guys valuable playing time. I look forward to seeing them compete back in the Premier division in 2022.

Goliaths Trample Tigers

This was an important matchup for the two sides, with the Tigers having been in Division 1 since 2018 with the Goliaths getting promoted in 2019, this would be a good test for the sides to see where they stack up for next year. It was not a good outcome for the Tigers however who were absolutely blown away by the Inverclyde side 44-7. It was however Glasgow’s first points of 2021, a worrying sign for next year.

Stags Stop The Hunters

The meeting of Scotland’s most southern team against the most northern went down as the Hunters travelled up to the Scottish Highlands to face the Stags. In a tight affair for the top of the division, the Stags ran out 12-0 Winners. Perhaps more impressively is the reports of a 43 strong game day squad for the Stags, an impressive number for a side who somehow are still awaiting league entry, even when lesser teams have already got it. Hopefully this time they aren’t overlooked. The two teams will meet again to decide the Division.

Blackhawks Bounce Extends To Two

The Blackhawks started the season slow, but it’s now 2 wins in a row and no defeats in 3 following a 14-0 win over the Dunfermline Kings. While it’s been a steady progression for the Blackhawks, it’s always good to be getting better towards the end of the year and building into 2022.

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