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I may not have been around for our show on Saturday as I was away for the weekend. But that did not stop me tuning in on Sunday to watch the scores roll from Britball Week 11 of the 2021 season. While many of the games were predictable or one-sided, there were still a few things we learned this week.

Humber NOW Have A Winning Season With Double Over Doncaster

I took some heat in the comment section as I said Humber were closing in on their first winning season because I didn’t assume that their forfeit game against the Giants simply wouldn’t be counted (which makes absolutely no sense) but rest easy Humber fans, with a dramatic 13-10 win over the Mustangs, the Warhawks now sit on five wins and guarantee themselves a winning record in 2021, showing their play can be as good as their social media game. Nice one folks.

50 Burgers To Bagel A-Plenty

With the mismatch nature of the season, it’s hardly a surprise to see this, three games had a score of 50+ to 0 this week with the Edinburgh Wolves (54) East Kilbride Pirates (57) and the Leicester Falcons (55) all scoring big and holding their respective opponents, Inverclyde Goliaths, Glasgow Tigers and Staffordshire Surge to Zero.

Titans Topple Romans

It’s been a good year for the Titans and honestly, I think they will be annoyed this wasn’t a full go Premier Division season, as they have looked unstoppable. They may not have their usual schedule, but they still faced some good opponents, and, in every instance, they have quite frankly made short work of them. While for Chester, getting another swing at a Premier division opponent shows their readiness for the next D1 campaign, they still have a considerable gap to a team such as Manchester.

Cats Consistency Continues

I’m not going to say the line about how the Cats beat you again, but even with an early scare from the Gladiators, the Cats just carried on and once again got the job done.

Warriors Dig Deep To Stop Stampede

It’s been a bit up and down for the Hereford side this year but all in all some good showings from a rookie team, the South Wales Warriors have looked underwhelming, and they really had to fight for the win against the Stampede, eventually running out 22-12 Winners.

Wembley Win Again

The Stallions haven’t lost a game in 2021, but weirdly they have tied twice. They righted the wrongs of their previous meeting with the London Hornets, this time running out as comfortable 24-7 winners.

Wyverns Wow In Mauling of Monarchs

The Somerset Wyverns made it four wins on the bounce following their 40-13 win over the Monarchs, in three of those games they have scored 40 points or more. They meet the Raptors next. A team they have already beaten this year, and should they win, they will be riding a five-game win streak going into their return fixture against the Apache in what would be a Table-topping matchup. Certainly, a matchup I am sure not many outside of Somerset expected to be a potential division deciding clash before the season started, but it has been a season that will really please the Wyverns.

Solent Thrash Knights

In the clash of team-that-went-up against team-that-came-down, this game looked like one to watch for in 2021. But in what has been a funny old season, consistency has been king and one thing that certainly rings true is, the Thrashers have been consistently good.

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  1. Dan Jones on 8th September 2021 at 7:10 pm

    “not going to sat the line” but will reference it instead

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