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Doing a ranking of 5 when only two games were played this week? Has to be done. The Prem is heating up. But I won’t lie it’s going to look similar.

1 – UWE Bullets – South

They were at the top last week, they have made it back here once again. Their destruction of the Lions propelled them to the top last week, so another destruction of the UEA Pirates cements them back at the top. Considering in their last 3 meetings the Bullets have not let UEA score a single point. That is enough to be at the top for one more week and I can see them being here again if they defeat Swansea in the manner the Lions did weeks ago.

2 – Nottingham Gold – North

I know this list is looking very similar but once again, there have been 2 games this week both were shutouts, and the Leeds Gryphons don’t rank highly enough in my book to put Notts in first. But as the weeks progress it is seeming like the Prem finals are going to be the Gold vs the Bullets. But as the Gold have a week off this Sunday, can we see a new top of Prem North?

3 – Leeds Beckett Carnegie – North

Speaking of a new top, you have the main suspects right there in Leeds Beckett and considering they have the currently 1-2 Stirling Clansman, who they defeated 43-6 in week one. See Beckett coming a lot higher next week with another dominating victory.

4 – Cardiff Cobras – South

Looking at the slate of Prem games this week, Cardiff Cobras vs Birmingham Lions is the one that has the most at stake. The lions destroyed in the first game got destroyed in their second. But Cardiff currently sits 2nd in the South, though haven’t faced the toughest challenges of the division yet and I think the Lions can be that challenge for Cardiff to prove they are legit.

5 – Birmingham Lions – South

See Above.

One To Improve

UEA Pirates – South

I don’t think the Pirates are a bad squad. But considering their last 3 games with the Bullets have been hard shutout losses, they have to improve that if they ever want to just stop middling about in the Prem and take home a championship. But I think this has more to do with the legitimacy of the Bullets than how bad the Pirates are.

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