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We have left 2021 in the dust, but there is still unfinished business in Uniball. The top of the Prem is pretty much a lock at this point, but even still we will go through who has come out on top at the halfway point of the season.

1 – Nottingham Gold – North

The Gold currently stands head and shoulders above the Northern Premiership Divison, boasting a 5-0 record, a point differential of +205 and 10 Bucs points, they look unstoppable.

Having 3 games end with a shutout and only allowing 26 points all season. the Gold look to take their momentum to the 23rd of January where they take on the Durham Saints, who they have previously beaten 39-0.

2 – UWE Bullets – South

Though they aren’t at the top, the reason being Nottingham have simply had and won more games than the Bullets.

When looking at the wake of destruction caused by UWE over this season, the almost inevitable matchup between the Bullets and Gold should be one for the ages.

The Bullets have had 4 wins all of them being shutout victories, their point differential of +228 is the best in all of Uniball.

They might be second right now, but I can’t see that lasting very long as they take on the Cardiff Cobras in their first game of the second half of the season. The question might stop being will the Bullets lose, but will the Bullets have any points scored against them.

3 – Leeds Beckett Carnegie – North

Leeds Beckett are not a team to sneeze at, currently sitting in second in the Prem North at 4-2, a differential of +35 and the same amount of BUCS point as the Bullets (8).

They have the ability to do something amazing in the playoffs if they score an upset over either of the bullies who currently sit 1 & 2 in the rankings.

But their road to coming second might not be as easy as they think, as they suffered a loss to the rebounding Durham Saints

4 – Birmingham Lions – South

The Lions might have the worst case of having a boogeyman team in their division, as the Lions impress with their scores and play when they take on anyone not called the UWE Bullets.

Birmingham currently reigns in second with a record of 3-2, both of their losses coming from the Bullets. However, the Lions currently have 2 shutout victories against Swansea and a 27-12 victory over the Cobras.

Their next game is against a team they haven’t faced yet, the UEA Pirates, and given the Pirates are on a 2 game win streak, their momentum could lead to issues for the Lions on the 22nd of January.

5 – Durham Saints – North

A team on the rise, the Durham Saints started the season off with back to back losses to Notts Gold and Leeds Beckett, but after their victory over the Stirling Clansmen, the Saints were able to take that momentum and use it to get a victory over Leeds Beckett 47-26.

Despite being one of three teams with 4 BUCS points at midseason. (The others being UEA Pirates and Cardiff Cobras) The Saints are the only team to boast a positive points differential, though scraping by the thinnest of margins the Saints end the halfway point of the season with a differential of +1.

But more importantly, the Saints could really start dropping bombs on the rest of the teams in the North, as they have yet to play the struggling Leeds Gryphons and have another match with the Clansmen on the cards to round off their season. Though they have to get through their return match with the Notts Gold which will kick off their season on the 23rd of January.

One To Improve

Leeds Gryphons – North

I don’t want this to come across as being negative, over the course of doing the shows and writing the rankings I have become more invested in Uniball and have a fondness for certain teams.

The Gryphons are one such team, currently sitting at 0-4 and relegation looming, I am truly interested to see where Leeds goes from here. They still have a shot at remaining in the Prem as the Stirling Clansmen are above them with a record of 1-4.

Given that the Gryphons first game back after the midseason break is against the Clansmen, it could grant them the opportunity to turn their season around and not meet the grim reaper of relegation once the season ends.

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