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Arizona Cardinals (6-11)

The Cardinals really should have been looking for offensive line help during the draft but chose to take a LB and WR with their first two picks. Kyler Murray is an athlete, but he flaps a fair bit when he has pressure in his face in passing situations and tends to chuck the ball up. If that’s to Hopkins he’ll likely come down with it but it’s a risky strategy.

Los Angeles Rams (12-5)

The Rams upgraded this season at the quarterback position and behind that offensive line Stafford will be given time. They have weapons at wide receiver and a defence that keeps other teams to lower points totals. If they can run the ball effectively then they will be a team to watch out for this season. Their division is tough, so I’d expect them all to knock each other off at points during the season.

San Francisco 49ers (11-6)

The 49ers may be one of the top 3 all-round best teams in the NFL this year again in terms of team on paper, however they are likely to be held back by Jimmy G again. I’m not saying Trey Lance will be any better but really it will be down to Kyle Shanahan to make sure his creative genius shows through on offence and uses the running game to stop Jimmy G needing to do very much. The defence is still scary and should provide a good challenge for opposing teams.

Seattle Seahawks (13-4)

The Seahawks looked unstoppable to start the season last year but were once again found out later as their offensive line was poor again. They never really did anything to improve it this offseason either, starters or backups. Wilson can only do so much and until they protect him better than they do just now I don’t see them returning to a Superbowl.

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