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Well for the most part the Britball season is over, certainly for any Power Ranking changes. Let’s see how our Rankings look at the end of the season.

1. London Warriors

The Warriors win all their games, except one, by significant margins. They have been the top team in the country for a while and continue to show this. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is. . . EFL bound?

2. London Blitz

The Blitz looked as if they had been on a downward trend the last few years and came out this year looking like teams had closed the gap on them. They did however look to get better as the season went on and running the Warriors extremely close in the last game of the season helped solidify them at #2.

3. Manchester Titans

The Titans will have wished this was a real season as they swept aside everyone they played. They scored many points and easily defeated the only Premiership opponent they played, twice. Had the Blitz not almost knocked off the Warriors the Titans may well have jumped them but for now, they remain #3.

4. Kent Exiles

The Kent Exiles have all the pieces in place to keep the program progressing every year. Even though they only managed 1 win, we must remember what division they were playing in. After almost beating the Blitz twice and then taking an early lead against the Warriors, they slipped up one week losing to the Olympians. This however was made right in the return fixture where they blew them away.

5. Tamworth Phoenix

The Phoenix have a team that on their best day will challenge anyone but in terms of high-powered scoring offence against top defences, I am yet to be convinced this season. For this reason, they are in at #5 for this year. Losing a close exhibition match against the Blitz that nobody knew about isn’t enough to jump them up.

6. Solent Thrashers

The Solent Thrashers have had themselves a great run in the last two seasons. They have gone unbeaten since the start of the 2019 season and that includes the Premiership side London Olympians. They will hope this success continues to help them recruit and get ready to challenge the Premiership South next year.

7. Bristol Aztecs

Honestly, they are very lucky to stay here as they didn’t exactly blow away the South Wales Warriors yesterday. They beat everyone put in front of them and that has to count for something, but they will need to up the performance level next year when they head back into the big division.

8. London Olympians

Having bested the Exiles once and run Solent close, the Olympians can consider themselves unfortunate to be this low. However, they lost heavily to the Exiles, Blitz and Warriors so look like they are going into 2022 with needs for continued improvement under their new coaching team.

9. Leicester Falcons

The Falcons ran Tamworth close twice but are very much an unknown at the start of every season. We know they are between Division 1 and Premiership calibre but which was hard to tell. They lost heavily to the Manchester Titans without their starting Quarterback and if they don’t develop a home-grown Quarterback they may continue to go up and down. They still must be favourites for Division 1 next season.

10. Edinburgh Wolves

In one of the last games of the season the Edinburgh Wolves shut out East Kilbride to win 14-0 and secure their place as Kings of Scotland again. EKP should be considered alongside Leicester as one of the top teams in Division 1 football but the loss to them in the first fixture doesn’t allow them higher than #10.

Outside Looking In

East Kilbride Pirates

One of the favourites for the Division 1 title next year, the Pirates managed to beat Premiership opposition this year and that should be on everyone’s radar.

Merseyside Nighthawks

A high-powered offence but a leaky defence this season has meant Merseyside slip out of our top 10. They will likely need to make some improvements before going into the Premiership North next year against some pretty good offences.

Cambridgeshire Cats

The Cats were in the Division 1 semi-finals in 2019 and put together a perfect season in 2021. If they continue along this trend, they could be one to look out for in 2022.

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