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We’ve had a lot of blowouts, some walkovers and games that have come down to field goals. Let’s look at how the Prem has shaped up in these first few weeks.

1 – UWE Bullets – South

Now don’t get me wrong, I know they have only played one game this season, but that game was pure domination. They put the lions to shame and have put the whole of the Prem on notice, the Birmingham Lions coming off a pure decimation of the Swansea Titans the week previous were probably riding high coming into their game with the Bullets but couldn’t get anything going even slightly. Bullets look unstoppable after week 3.

2 – Nottingham Gold – North

So, Nottingham has faced the Durham Saints and Stirling Clansman who at the time of the Gold’s game against Stirling had only managed to get 9 points between them with Stirling doing most of the heavy lifting there. You can’t argue that the Gold is smashing teams left and right but I agree they haven’t faced a challenge yet and I don’t think their Week 4 match up with the Leeds Gryphons is going to provide them with any problems.

3 – Leeds Beckett Carnegie – North

I am sure that if anyone at Leeds Beckett is reading this, they are going to curse the name Chris Tebbutt because I have put Notts Gold above them, but it’s the same problem. Leeds Beckett has smoked Durham, Stirling and Leeds Gryphons but realistically the reason why Notts are above Leeds Beckett is that the number of points scored by Durham against Carnegie, as Notts allowed 0 points from the Saints whilst Leeds Beckett didn’t shut them out at the weekend beating them 38-31.

4 – Cardiff Cobras – South

Once again, I am forfeiting the right to go to Cardiff by putting the Cobras in 4th as they have won more games than UWE but not in the fashion that UWE handed it to the Lions. Cardiff this week won the Prem battle of Wales by beating Swansea 26-6. But considering the Lions had already shafted the Titans the week previous, the achievement is diminished slightly. But a win over the UEA Pirates under their belt puts the Cobras at the top of Prem South and hopefully they enjoy their week off as they look to prove that the Bullets win over the Lions wasn’t a fluke on the 28th of November.

5 – Birmingham Lions – South

As much as I love the story of the Stirling Clansman getting their first win this season over the Leeds Gryphons, I can’t in good conscience put them above the Lions here. The Lions ranking at number 5 is purely based on their win against Swansea. I just hope that the Lions can pull themselves up after a hard loss and hopefully learn something quickly that can help them in their second game against the Bullets as it’s a fast turnaround for the Lions as they find themselves at UWE Bullets on the 4th of December.

One To Improve

Leeds Gryphons – North

I know that it’s always hard when a team goes up to the Prem and they can struggle to get anything going, especially with a year off. It doesn’t seem fair to have that large of a break when you are being promoted. But if the Stirling Clansman can beat you 32-2 after scoring 9 points total in their first two games. You might just have to hunker down and embrace the climb back up from Div 1 next year.

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