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The races in Division 1 are heating up already and it’s only Week 3 and I am about the rank my Top 5 Div 1 teams and give a shoutout to a team that could be doing better.

Let’s get into it.

1 – SGS Pride – South Western 1

Is this a shock to anyone? It isn’t to me. The amount of hype spoken about the Pride before the season started seems to not just be nonsense, over just two games they’ve played this season their point differential stands at +88. This is sheer madness, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they stay number one for the rest of the season.

2 – Hertfordshire Hurricanes – Southern 1

The Hurricanes aren’t taking their relegation lying down, racking up two consecutive wins first over the Portsmouth Destroyers and the recently promoted Sussex Saxons, only beating the Saxons by one point, however. The Hurricanes now top the Div 1 Southern and with the currently winless 0-0-1 RHUL Bears this weekend, I can’t see their momentum being stopped for their climb back to the Prem.

3 – Manchester Tyrants – Northern 1

As much as they’d probably prefer some pure domination, the Tyrants have been a part of some of the nail biters of the season so far and when you get into the territory of winning in the 4th Quarter with the pressure on, that’s how you can pick the great teams from the good. Winning 20-28 against the LJMU Fury last week and 44-46 against Sheffield Hallam this week. The Tyrants have a great team that isn’t phased to keep their nose to the grindstone.

4 – Newcastle Raiders – Borders 1

Newcastle has done some magic by shutting up me and my Gameday Live! Co-host Dom Simms as we were blinded by the York Centurions social media presence, we didn’t expect a 26-7 victory from the Raiders and then a shutout victory over the Northumbria Mustangs, with these wins the Raiders find themselves in my rankings this week. But this week they have their toughest challenge to date as they find themselves welcoming the Edinburgh Predators whose sole game of the season so far is a 0-45 shutout win over the Hull Sharks, but can the 2nd highest point differential in Div 1 Raiders conquer the Predators?

5 – Loughborough Uni – Midlands 1

Loughborough has basically the same credentials as Manchester, winning tight games one against Warwick Wolves 26-24 and the other 22-20 over the NTU Renegades. With a well-deserved break this week they have to prepare for the Coventry Jets who have just won their first game since being demoted from the Prem, will the burgeoning Jets pull off an upset against the team at top of Midlands 1.

One To Improve

Leicester Longhorns – Midlands 1

I am sure all it will be a theme of the teams that are struggling to get anything going at the start of the season, they have just been promoted and the year off due to Covid has taken away players and spoiled their momentum going into a new division. This seems to be the case with the Leicester Longhorns as this week they lost to the Coventry Jets who had lost their last 7 games, considering they’ve got the last team to beat the Jets in the Warwick Wolves on the 21st I hope that the Longhorns can pull something together to keep their season together and they don’t return to Midlands Div 2.

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