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One dodgy Covid cancelled game this week, a few due to Safety and one controlled scrimmage. Some really surprise results here this week but doesn’t change much in our rankings.

1. London Warriors (No Change)

An early scare for the Warriors or were they just testing out some other players. They then score 50+ unanswered points to prove their dominance.

2. Manchester Titans (No Change)

The Titans are lucky to survive at #2 this week but they do purely because they still managed to put up 36 on a Nottingham team in what looks like a torrential downpour. They will need to be able to run up some high scores in adverse weather to stay here on our power rankings.

3. London Blitz (No Change)

No game this week.

4. Kent Exiles (No Change)

I was mighty close to putting the Exiles up a couple of places after they took a surprise lead against the Warriors. Poking the bear isn’t a good idea though.

5. Tamworth Phoenix (No Change)

An easy day at the office as Tamworth played Crewe this past weekend. Doesn’t really tell us anything.

6. Bristol Aztecs (No Change)

No game this week.

7. London Olympians (No Change)

No game this week, however this week’s upcoming clash with Solent should tell us a lot about the Premiership South.

8. Solent Thrashers (No Change)

No game for Solent but their position looks ever stronger as teams in their division falter.

9. Sheffield Giants (No Change)

No game this week.

10. Leicester Falcons (No Change)

Just a Controlled Scrimmage this week, but we will learn if this team should be higher when they face the Titans this week.

Outside Looking In

Merseyside Nighthawks

They stay in the hunt here. I very much believe they would beat most teams not on the list above however I still think they struggle to beat any of the top 10.

East Kilbride Pirates

Well, the Pirates wanted that ‘Kings of Scotland’ title and by all accounts deserved it. Their defensive line was aggressive, and they didn’t really allow the Wolves offence to get going. I still think the offence needs to be a bit more explosive when coming up against some better teams but outside of Leicester they must be favourites for the Division 1 crown next season. After all, they just knocked off a steady level Premiership team.

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