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Several cancelled games this week led to a quiet weekend, but that didn’t stop some great scores coming in and some surprises. Bit of a shakeup this week but with some teams seasons over already, they can sit and watch as others move around.

1. London Warriors (No Change)

The Warriors come out on top in the first competitive game between the Blitz and the Warriors in some time. It looks as if we may have some competition for the Warriors next season after all.

2. London Blitz (No Change)

The Blitz had a slow start to their season, but they managed to hold onto wins against the Exiles twice before beating the Olympians comfortably. Many including myself expected the Warriors to be a step above, but the Blitz obviously came out to prove they are still one of the top two teams in the country.

3. Manchester Titans (No Change)

Manchester didn’t have a game this week but will be looking to solidify their #3 spot in the rankings when they play their rematch against the Nighthawks.

4. Kent Exiles (Up 3)

The Kent Exiles dropped several spots after losing at Home to the Olympians several weeks ago, however, word reached my ear that they were missing several starters and their first couple of Quarterbacks. At any level, this can make a big difference and it showed on Sunday as the Exiles went on the road and beat the Olympians 34-0. They ran the Blitz close twice so deserve to jump back up the rankings.

5. Tamworth Phoenix (No Change)

Another easy win for Tamworth Phoenix over Shropshire Revolution as they put up 55 on the road. I would really like them to try and play one of the teams above them with one of BAFA’s extra 10 games.

6. Solent Thrashers (Down 2)

The Thrashers drop a couple of spots due to results elsewhere. They took care of the Bobcats in convincing fashion on Sunday but their win against the Olympians now doesn’t stand up as strong as some of the teams above them.

7. Bristol Aztecs (Up 1)

This team has won all their games as expected but has relied on other results to move in the power rankings due to the level of competition they faced. The Bulls keeping the game against the Falcons to a respectable scoreline helps their case as they beat the Bulls by more comfortable margins.

8. London Olympians (Down 2)

A heavy loss to the Exiles drops the Olympians down a couple of spots. Taking a heavy loss to both Blitz and Exiles means they can’t stay where they were. The Bulls giving Leicester a game has helped the Aztecs case for jumping up a spot.

9. Leicester Falcons (No Change)

The Falcons beat the Bulls this week, but it was far from comfortable by the look of the scoreline. They don’t drop due to no team below showing a better win or game result than they had against the Phoenix.

10. Merseyside Nighthawks (No Change)

No game this week.

Outside Looking In

East Kilbride Pirates

An easy win for the Pirates this week although the margin of victory wasn’t as large as I thought it would be. They have a rematch with the Wolves to come that will define whether they get into the top 10 or not.

Sheffield Giants

No game this week but now their rematch with the Rams is looking tasty.

Cambridgeshire Cats

The Cats go undefeated this season without really having to break a sweat. They haven’t put up huge numbers, but this week managed to put up a burger against Ouse Valley. They still didn’t do enough to break into the top 10 in my opinion.

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