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Not many games in Britball this week as we had several games cancelled, some for ok reasons, some with terrible reasons and some with no reasons at all.

Some big score lines for our Top 10 again this week as they continue to show why they deserve to be in here.

1. London Warriors (No Change)

The London Warriors come out a do a number on the London Olympians winning 68-6. This team just rolls over everyone in Britball for now.

2. London Blitz (No Change)

No game this week. The Blitz remain in the #2 spot for now.

3. Manchester Titans (No Change)

Ah hello Manchester Titans defence, welcome back. They managed to hold down a very good Chester Romans team to just 7 points while the offence piled on 57. They weren’t even at full strength on offence. A rematch is incoming so don’t expect to see much difference.

4. Solent Thrashers (No Change)

The Solent Thrashers take care of the Rushmoor Knights with what looks relative ease. Solent have been top quality all season and really just have to keep it rolling so they can challenge the Premiership South next year.

5. Tamworth Phoenix (No Change)

Another easy win for Tamworth Phoenix over Shropshire Revolution as they put up 55 on the road. I would really like them to try and play one of the teams above them with one of BAFA’s extra 10 games.

6. London Olympians (No Change)

Losing by 60+ to the London Warriors is nothing to be worried about, it happens to everyone. The rematches v the Blitz and Exiles are much more important.

7. Kent Exiles (No Change)

No game this week.

8. Bristol Aztecs (No Change)

Nothing special from the Aztecs this week as they beat the Bulls as expected. They also could climb the rankings by using one of BAFA’s 10 games to play a Premiership level team.

9. Leicester Falcons (No Change)

The Leicester Falcons put a burger/bagel on the Staffordshire Surge which isn’t exactly a massive surprise. They likely stay in the Top 10 if they round out the season with victories like this. They need to put in a better showing against the Shropshire Revolution than they did last time though.

10. Merseyside Nighthawks (No Change)

No game this week.

Outside Looking In

East Kilbride Pirates

The East Kilbride Pirates hang a Burger/Bagel on the Glasgow Tigers. Something that’s not unexpected given the scores from the 2019 season between these two. The Edinburgh Wolves rematch is the big one for the Pirates.

Sheffield Giants

No game this week.

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