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There were some unexpected results this weekend including a Britball record-breaking score as the Chester Romans put 127 points on the league new boys Leigh Miners. There were some tough battles this week which will shake up the Power Rankings (especially at the bottom) so let’s take a look.

1. London Warriors (No Change)

No game this week.

2. London Blitz (Up 1)

No game this week but the Blitz move up a spot thanks to the Titans letting the Wolverines put up so many points.

3. Manchester Titans (Down 1)

I was made aware well before the game that the Titans were missing a good chunk of their 1st and 2nd string players. They put up a scoreline of 83-0 against the Wolverines first time round and although the offence still managed 69 this time around. The biggest change came in the form of the Wolverines putting up 47 on their defence. They only drop one place because of their impressive outing against Leicester a couple of weeks back.

4. Solent Thrashers (Up 1)

No game this week but Solent continue to climb up the rankings.

5. Tamworth Phoenix (Down 1)

The Phoenix drop 1 even though they won this week. Their game against Leicester was chippy, the first touchdown shouldn’t have stood, there were a lot of turnovers from both teams and one player for Phoenix should have been ejected. The Leicester Falcons are a different team with their American at QB so we can’t drop Tamworth too far. However, they struggled to put up points on offence against the Leicester defence and a lot of the teams above them have top quality defences.

6. London Olympians (No Change)

No game this week.

7. Kent Exiles (No Change)

No game this week.

8. Bristol Aztecs (No Change)

No game this week.

9. Leicester Falcons (New Entry)

The Falcons looked good in spells against the #5 ranked Phoenix. They were unlucky with the first touchdown and that would have likely made the game even closer. There were a lot of turnovers which if Leicester cut out they could climb even higher.

10. Merseyside Nighthawks (New Entry)

Merseyside have been good on offence most of the season other than against the Titans, and they continued to show they could put up some points. On defence seen the biggest improvement this week as they held the Giants to just 10 points.

Outside Looking In

East Kilbride Pirates (Dropped Out Top 10)

Drop out due to Leicester and Merseyside performances but ready in case any of them slip up.

Sheffield Giants (Dropped Out Top 10)

The Giants drop out the Power Rankings for the first time this season due to the loss to Merseyside but they don’t drop out of the picture.

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