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The London Division is an all-Premiership Division featuring the Blitz, Olympians and Warriors along side the Kent Exiles. The teams will meet each other twice making it only a six-game season. This Division should give us some decent match ups across the board with a few of them featured in our Game of the Week.

Kent Exiles

Premier Division

2019 record – 3-7

Last Game – 19-0 Win v Rushmoor Knights

The Exiles not only survived their maiden Premier Division Campaign, but they also notched up three wins, two against the Aztecs and once against the Knights. Unfortunately for Kent, neither of those teams will be in their division for 2021. Familiar opponents and a good chance to build for 2022.

Ceiling: 1-5

Floor: 0-6

The Exiles have a good squad and have a very good set up across the board. Unfortunately for them, schedules don’t really get too much tougher than the one they have been handed for 2021. Although they would have faced the three teams they are set to face anyway, they failed to beat any of them in 2019. I can see the Exiles maybe sneaking a win somewhere, but it is really tough to see where.


Premier Division

2019 Record – 8-2

Last Game – 7-6 Loss

2019 was a difficult year for the Blitz, I know 8-2 doesn’t suggest that however two very close games with the Olympians and a 7-6 Semi-Final loss to the Phoenix felt like poor results by the Blitz Lofty Standards. But far worse than that were the two monumental beatdowns they received from their Rivals, London Warriors. They lost the two meetings a combined 100-21, a margin normally reserved for teams outside of the Blitz.

Ceiling: 4-2

Floor: 3-3

2021 provides a chance for the Blitz to show they have bounced back with a chance to play both the Olympians and Warriors this year. The Blitz are one of Britballs powerhouse programmes but even for them, the deficit to the Warriors feels too large. Add to that the Olympians seem determined to keep building; it could be possible for them to split the series in what would be a worrying sign for the Blitz programme


Premier Division

2019 record – 4-6

Last Game – 15-14 Loss v London Blitz

The London Olympians finished fourth in the Premiership south in 2019 however they seemed to grow stronger as the season progressed. They lost twice to the Blitz but by a combined score of only 8 points. They also reduced the deficit in their 2nd meeting with the Bristol Aztecs from a 16-point loss to only a 1-point loss. The main question is can they continue to improve and overturn the Blitz or even the Warriors.

Ceiling: 3-3

Floor: 2-4

The Olympians dispatched the Exiles twice in 2019, with the 2nd meeting being a lot easier. I expect them to repeat the double over the Exiles again, the question on the Olympians season will be whether they can sneak that win over the Blitz. I believe the Warriors will have too much but there could be a chance to take down the blitz, halving the series and finishing on 0.500.


Premier Division

2019 record – 10-0

Last Game – 56-29 Win v Tamworth Phoenix (Britbowl)

The London Warriors are Britball’s Powerhouse. Year on year the obliterate the competition on the way to a title. In 2018 they crashed out to eventual winners Tamworth and the question was all about how they would rebound. The answer? Emphatically. They only failed to break the 50-point barrier in two of their games and won by a combined 611-35.

Ceiling: 6-0

Floor: 6-0

Unless many of the Warriors players are planning on sitting out this year, I really struggle to see how they lose. As good as the blitz have bin over recent years the gap is simply too large to make up in one season. Business as usual likely for the Warriors as they go undefeated.

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