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Deshaun Watson wants out of the Houston Texans so I think it is only fair that we present him with some options should he decide to make the jump to Britball.

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Edinburgh Wolves

The Wolves are in the market for a new quarterback ever since long time starting QB Jamie Morrison stepped down. He would get to play on a pitch with lovely views of Arthurs Seat as well. With sponsorship from Lamborghini, the Wolves definitely have the most swag to entice Watson.

Tamworth Phoenix

This is a long play from Deshaun, assuming he decides to stay in the UK for six years and become a naturalised citizen, he will want to play in front of coach Scott to ensure he has the best possible chance to represent GB when he does eventually become eligible for the Great Britain Men’s team.

London Warriors

Tired of losing and being involved in a shit show of a franchise, Deshaun decides to join the perennial BAFA powerhouse. His endorsements might take a hit when he is asked to go dark every postseason but victories make it all worth it.

Torbay Trojans

Perhaps Watson would like a challenge and to build a dynasty in his own image? What better place to start than with the Torbay Trojans. With subs at a very reasonable £120 a year and a possible discount offered to Mr Watson as an out of country resident, Deshaun could build something special on the south coast. He could spend his non-training days on the Torquay beachfront which many have compared favourably to Galveston.

Aberdeen Roughnecks

Another team outside of the Premiership for Deshaun to sample. With plenty of oil money in the area, Deshaun would feel like he never left Houston. Yes, he would have to get used to the god awful weather and the constant feral seagull attacks, but he would soon fall in love with the local delicacies such as mealie puddings and butteries.

Leicester Falcons

Section removed for legal reasons.

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  1. Stuart Galloway on 13th January 2021 at 11:29 am

    These lists are great

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