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When you don’t have money for real Super Bowl rings, you buy the replicas, but are they worth the plastic they’re printed on?

What started as a humble Miami Dolphins fan collecting some more memorabilia for his vastly growing collection by snagging a 1972 and 1973 replica Super Bowl ring off the shopping parlour of fancy jewellery eBay, turned into a small collection of replica Super Bowl rings, with cries of “Are those real?” coming off people’s lips as I wore them to watch games down the pub (a place where no real Super Bowl ring should go.) But as we sit on the advent of Super Bowl LV, I am going to rank the championship rings I earnt through hard work and dedication by sitting on eBay looking for the right time to bid.

Super Bowl Rings

By Chris Tebbutt (SuperBowl Rings)

8. Kansas City Chiefs – Super Bowl IV

I remember getting this one as a token to remember the 2020 Super Bowl and the Chiefs victory there. It always staggers me the details on these fake rings, whoever makes them in, I imagine China, does a good job. If it weren’t for the metal, they’d be worth more than the maybe £10 I paid for them. The replica is based on Quarterback Len Dawson’s ring and features the scores of both the AFC and Super Bowl games along with the year they won it ’69 emblazoned on it throughout, almost knowing what cultural significance would be afforded that number today.

7. Green Bay Packers – Super Bowl 2

Based on Quarterback Bart Starr’s ring, it features an emerald green inner circle and three plastic feeling gems, I am sure both were precious gems in a real-life ring. The three gems are there to signify that this was the 3rd time the Packers won the world title but due to it being the 2nd Super Bowl they added another “gem” for the title they won in a game, not under the Super Bowl moniker.

6. Dallas Cowboys – Super Bowl XXVIII

The first of the rings, set in what is supposed to be silver, this ring commemorates the Dallas Cowboys back-to-back victories in the Super Bowl in 1994. Won’t lie I have worn this as it goes with some outfits due to the four gems that signify the four Super Bowls won by Dallas is set on a blue background, definitely one of the nicer looking rings in the collect but hasn’t got the sentimentality or flashiness of the others.

5. St. Louis Rams – Super Bowl XXXIV

Now we are getting into both modern and flashiness rings, as the rings went on, they strayed away from the normal rings with one gem in the middle and have now 10’s if not 100’s of gems all with a certain meaning. This Rams ring modelled on Kurt Warner’s ring features the Rams logo all set in with shiny looking plastic gems which still catch the light even though these are as real as an XFL teams dream of winning the Super Bowl. Once again, the detail is amazing, featuring the Super Bowl logo on the side with the score plainly stated on the side with a smaller Lombardi in the side.

4. New England Patriots – Super Bowl LIII

The most modern ring in the collection, the Rams vs Patriots Super Bowl though I didn’t like it per se because unless it’s the Dolphins I don’t care about defensive football during the Super Bowl, give me big throws. It celebrates the Patriots 6th Super Bowl win and though this is faker than Tartan paint, it is a good one. Featuring the “We are all Patriots” quote and Robert Kraft signature inside the ring, styled on Tom Brady’s ring from that game, not a millimetre of space is wasted here. The bottom of the ring features all the years the evil empire won the Super Bowl and, on the sides, features the game score and the motto for the Patriots in 2019, “Still Here”.

3. Los Angeles Raiders – Super Bowl XVIII

If there is one that I actually wear when going out, it’s this one. The LA Raiders win in 1984 was memorialised with this ring featuring three bigger gems in the centre to show the three Super Bowl wins, set on a black background, I would be remised not to call this the most “tasteful” ring. Once again, the details on the sides are fantastic featuring the Raiders win over the Seahawks in the AFC championship game but also the score line, where they dominated the Redskins 38-9. Due to its black and silver design, it goes with things, even though it’s silly, I like it and goes with other jewellery I have.

2. Miami Dolphins – Super Bowl VII and VIII

As a Dolphins fan, this should come as no surprise that this is up here, but not even I can put these first as No. 1 is just a fantastic ring. Both the Dolphins rings look the same, big gems set on a dark green background, with the 1972 ring featuring the all-important word “undefeated” on the side. The 1973 ring based on Larry Csonka’s ring adds another big gem in the middle, whilst both feature outlines of the classic logo on the side. Both had to be up there just because they have so much history and sentimentality especially the 1972 Super Bowl ring.

1. Denver Broncos – Super Bowl 50

The prize piece of this humble collection is based on Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl 50 ring, I will say this piece has sentimentality because it was the first Super Bowl I ever watched, but the character this ring has, speaks for itself. Featuring the Broncos logo with red eyes and orange gems for the horse’s mane and three larger ones for the Lombardi’s, the Broncos Super Bowl wins. A golden 50 to commemorate the number of the Super Bowl as well. The side whilst not as jam-packed with information like the other rings are nicely detailed featuring “This One’s For Pat”. Much like the Patriots ring, it features information within the ring, such as the date of the Super Bowl and logo’s and scores of the games that led the Broncos to winning the Super Bowl (being the Steelers, Patriots and Panthers).

Now, will I buy more, well that depends on how much the Dolphins win by in Super Bowl LVI?

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