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There are still places in the UK that don’t have the pleasure of being home to a Britball team so we’ve singled them out, we did this using our new feature Find a Club!

You can see part one here!

Bamburgh Castle - Current Archaeology
Current Archaeology


Bamburgh is halfway between Newcastle and Edinburgh along the Northumberland coast so the two closest teams are the Sunderland Spartans and the Heriot-Watt Wolverines. I doubt we could get a training facility within the castle walls but it couldn’t hurt to ask. The Bamburgh Brigadiers immediately spring to mind or the Bamburgh or the Bamburgh Barrage. I honestly know nothing else about Bamburgh except it has this amazing looking castle so maybe it’s a charming place with an American football-loving population.

Navvies Bridge, Workington britball team
Yee Associates


The beautiful bridge in the picture is probably the star attraction of Workington but there needs to be a team on the other side of the lake district opposite the Furness Phantoms. You could say that Carlisle is more suited for a team but I’ve grown a hatred for the place after constant Royal Navy adverts. The Workington Wiggles sounds like a CBeebies program, but the Workington Wild Boars or Wallabies roll off the tongue nicely. If you’re in the area, they have a nice cycle route.

Home - Glencoe Scotland britball team


There aren’t enough teams high up in the Scottish highlands and a team in Glencoe would Southern to the Aberdeen Oilcats, Roughnecks and the Highland Stags. I have no idea how many people live in the area but its effectively the West of Scotland so there might be a few farmers who’d be interested. Skyfall and Harry Potter were filmed here so it can probably handle the action and excitement of a few Britball games. The Glencoe Gladiators sounds nice but the Goats or the Gargoyles sound better.

The Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon britball team
Devon Museums


Barnstaple is the largest town in North Devon so it’s possible that they could field a competitive team, maybe? Just West of Exmoor National Park, Barnstaple could be the host of a thrilling Britball final with it’s thriving high street and multitude of museums. The Somerset Wyverns, Exeter Demons and Plymouth Blitz are all relatively close but why not add another team into the mix down there. Barnstaple Bears doesn’t get me going so how about the Barnstaple Badgers.

Part 2 is coming later this week so get your suggestions in the comments!

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