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In part two of this series we take a look at three more classic characters that will spice up your recruitment drive. 


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This joker gets on everyone’s tits. He’s obviously picked up a 2nd hand copy of Madden 18 from CEX and now he thinks he’s Peyton Manning. He arrives at practice thinking he’s got it all figured out, with three super bowls under his belt in franchise mode what could possibly go wrong?

Of course this utter welk wants to play quarterback but these plays just aren’t doing it for him. He wants to start running a few trick plays that he uses on Ultimate Team. After getting his bell rung a few times he disappears into the sunset, but don’t worry he’ll be back next season after he’s done his coaching course. 


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One of the most common Rookies you will see is “The Poser”. This dude turns up with the intention of spamming his social media with images of himself in kit. He has no interest in getting a starting spot or even winning. His helmet has no marks on it through a lack of contact. These time wasters sometimes leave after their first batch of kitted photos but some stay longer. Some stay on for years and years just to be part of the team but they never amount to much. They just hang around the team photographer and try and win a championship ring without ever playing a snap. 


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This is a truly interesting one because I’ve had different experiences with these fellas. Some of the best players I’ve played with came from a rugby background and fell in love with the sport quickly. On the whole, i’d say any decent rugby player can become a good baller as they already have a set of transferable skills that are useful for coaches. 

Unfortunately I’ve experienced some Rookies that have played rugby all their life and are just not open-minded about seriously learning football. They just come to these sessions to see what it’s all about, but their mind is already made up. On more than one occasion I’ve experienced Rookies saying rugby is much tougher, then later leaving with their tail between their legs never to be seen again. One of these lads quit halfway through but I bet he still calls it a pussy sport.

Just for the record – they are both very tough sports but nowhere near as similar as your Grandma thinks. 

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