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Part 3 – SEC (Southeastern Conference)

If you’re not a fan of college football and don’t have a team, we’re going through the conferences to help you choose and continuing with the SEC!

2020 SEC college team Conference Predictions - NCAA Futures, Betting Odds
Cappers Picks

With the cancellation of the 2020 British American Football Season, there is no doubt we all have a massive football-sized hole in our lives. Although the NFL is extremely popular amongst not only Britballers but people in the UK in general, there is still only a minority of people following football at the College level. So, if you are looking for something new to fill that Britball void, here is a guide to the Division one FBS College teams and why you should choose to follow them. Whether you choose your team to follow based on team colours, location or current record, there will be an option for you.

In this article, we will look at the SEC. This conference holds arguably some of the biggest hitters in college football winning 11 national championship titles over the last 20 years.

You can check out the other conference pieces here: ACC (10/7) Big 10 (11/7) SEC (12/7) Big 12 (13/7) PAC 12 (14/7) Independents and group of five (15/7)

The SEC is split into two divisions; the East and the West. The winner of each competes for the SEC Championship.

East West
Florida Gators Alabama Crimson Tide
Georgia Bulldogs Arkansas Razorbacks
Kentucky Wildcats Auburn Tigers
Missouri Tigers LSU Tigers
South Carolina Gamecocks Ole Miss Rebels
Tennessee Volunteers Mississippi State Bulldogs
Vanderbilt Commodores Texas A&M Aggies

Let’s start by looking at the teams in the East.

 SEC College team has high interest in the Florida Gators program ...
Gator Country

Florida Gators

Formed – 1906 | Home Colours – Blue and Orange | All-time Record – 735-420-40 (.632) | National Titles – 3 Claimed | 2019 Record – 11-2

Familiar Players drafted – Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys (1990), Percy Harvin, Minnesota Vikings (2009) Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos (2010) Mike Pouncey, Miami Dolphins (2011) Maurkice Pouncey, Pittsburgh Steelers (2010)

Rivals – Florida State & Multiple others

If you like a strong run game and a physical defensive front, then the Florida Gators could be your kind of team. One of the top teams in the SEC conference, the team recruits well and has a good team going into the 2020 season. They are regularly near the top of the East, normally competing with Georgia.

Georgia Bulldogs

Formed – 1892 | Home Colours – Red & Black | All-time Record – 831-425-54 (.655) | National Titles – 2 Claimed | 2019 Record – 12-2

Familiar Players drafted – Champ Bailey, Washington Redskins (1999), Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns (2018) A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals (2011) Todd Gurley, St Louis Rams (2015)

Rivals – Florida, Alabama & Multiple others

If you like a big offensive line and a strong run game tied together with a physical defence with top-level line-backers, then Georgia may be the team for you. They have arguably the best running backs to come into the NFL over the last decade. Almost always one of the top two in the East and regularly have a chance at the SEC championship game.

SEC Kentucky college football team schedule for 2020 season | Lexington ...
Lexington Herald Leader

Kentucky Wildcats

Formed – 1881 | Home Colours – Blue & White | All-time Record – 623-626-44 (.499) | National Titles – 1 Claimed | 2019 Record – 8-5

Familiar Players drafted – Josh Allen, Jacksonville Jaguars (2019) Za’Darius Smith, Baltimore Ravens (2015) Randall Cobb, Green Bay Packers (2011)

Rivals – Louisville

Kentucky is typically one of those middle to bottom of the teams in the conference. They are unlikely to compete for the SEC Championship and regularly range between five to eight wins. However, they are pretty good at basketball if that is of bigger interest to you than football.

Missouri Tigers

Formed – 1890 | Home Colours – Black and Yellow | All-time Record – 678-560-52 (.546) | National Titles – 0 Claimed | 2019 Record – 6-6

Familiar Players drafted – Sheldon Richardson, New York Jets (2013) Jeremy Maclin, Philadelphia Eagles (2009)

Rivals – Multiple

Like Kentucky, Missouri isn’t competitive in the SEC. Add to that with the sanctions on recruitment as well as bowl ineligibility there is not a lot to really get you excited about the Tigers. There really isn’t much of an upside I can give other than it can only get better.

SEC South Carolina adds Liberty and Furman to 2023 college football team schedule

South Carolina Gamecocks

Formed – 1892 | Home Colours – Garnet & Black | All-time Record – 614-584-44 (.512) | National Titles – 0 Claimed | 2019 Record – 4-8

Familiar Players drafted – Jadeveon Clowney, Houston Texans (2014), Stephon Gillmore, Buffalo Bills (2012) Melvin Ingram, Los Angeles Chargers (2012) Alshon Jeffery, Chicago Bears (2012)

Rivals – Clemson Tigers

If you like a team that has dominant defensive linemen and receiving talent that consistently gets drafted in the first round and a team that knocks off the big teams from time to time, then South Carolina may be for you.

Tennessee Volunteers

Formed – 1891 | Home Colours – Orange & White | All-time Record – 846-395-53 (.674) | National Titles – 6 Claimed | 2019 Record – 8-5

Familiar Players drafted – Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colt (1998) Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints (2017) Eric Berry, Kansas City Chiefs (2010) Jerod Mayo, New England Patriots (2008) Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys (2003) Jamal Lewis, Baltimore Ravens (2000)

Rivals – Multiple

Tennessee has produced some of the top players in the NFL over the years. They are known for scoring points and having playmakers all over the field. They have been rather off the boil in the past decade or so when it comes to competing in the SEC however they have put together some impressive recruitment drives recently. Potentially up and coming could Tennessee be the team for you?

Vanderbilt Commodores

Formed – 1890 | Home Colours – Black & Gold | All-time Record – 609-629-50 (.492) | National Titles – 0 Claimed | 2019 Record – 3-9

Familiar Players drafted – Jordan Matthews, Philadelphia Eagles (2014) Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears (2006) Casey Hayward, Green Bay Packers (2012)

Rivals – Multiple

Vanderbilt hasn’t been a top-rated school in a very long time. They were bottom of the SEC East last year and don’t seem to be showing any reason why that may change. They have a cool uniform and logo though so if you are into aesthetics then this may be the team for you.

Now let’s look at the teams in the West.

SEC Alabama football college team: Bird's-eye view of the Crimson Tide defense ...
Roll Tide Wire

Alabama Crimson Tide

Formed – 1892 | Home Colours – Crimson & White | All-time Record – 916-331-43 (.727) | National Titles – 17 Claimed | 2019 Record – 11-2

Familiar Players drafted – Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans (2016) Amari Cooper, Oakland Raiders (2015) C.J. Mosely, Baltimore Ravens (2014) Mark Ingram, New Orleans Saints (2011) Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons (2011)

Rivals – Georgia & Multiple others

If you are looking for the glory hunter pick this is the team for you. Alabama is undoubtedly the top college football program over the last 20 years (possibly ever.) They have lots of national titles to their name and have also been to the championship game and lost a number of times showing a continuous top-level program. This team gets multiple first-round draft picks each year from every position. If you want a bruising run game with star pass-catching ability without the need of an ultra-talented quarterback then this team is for you.

Arkansas Razorbacks

Formed – 1894 | Home Colours – Cardinal Red & White | All-time Record – 716-504-40 (.584) | National Titles – 1 Claimed | 2019 Record – 2-10

Familiar Players drafted – Hunter Henry, San Diego Chargers (2016) Trey Flowers, New England Patriots (2015) Steve Atwater, Denver Broncos (1989)

Rivals – Multiple

The Razorbacks are all in on the running game as a program so if you like a team that runs the ball, they may be the team for you. The biggest problem being the division they are in is all about the run game. They have a cool logo and a fairly decent outfit but that’s about as far as it goes. They have really struggled to get going in the SEC as of late and struggle with recruiting big-time players.

 SEC Auburn college football team: Our top 5 moments of 2019 season | Columbus ...
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Auburn Tigers

Formed – 1892 | Home Colours – Navy Blue & Orange | All-time Record – 772-441-47 (.631) | National Titles – 2 Claimed | 2019 Record – 9-4

Familiar Players drafted – Dee Ford, Kansas City Chiefs (2014) Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers (2011) Nick Fairley, Detroit Lions (2011) King Dunlap, Philadelphia Eagles (2008)

Rivals – Multiple

Auburn is one of the higher up teams in the SEC, but just off the pace of the front runners. They have some really good players on the defensive line coming out of the school in recent years. They always seem to win big games that they shouldn’t and then falter against smaller teams when they shouldn’t. They usually have an excellent run game and solid run defence so can be intriguing to watch. If you like seeing a quarterback on the opposition get pummelled this might be the team for you.

LSU Tigers

Formed – 1893 | Home Colours – Purple & Gold | All-time Record – 812-415-47 (.656) | National Titles – 4 Claimed | 2019 Record – 15-0

Familiar Players drafted – Jamal Adams, New York Jets (2017) Tre’Davious White, Buffalo Bills (2017) Odell Beckham Jr, New York Giants (2014) Tyrann Mathieu, Arizona Cardinals (2013) Patrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals (2011)

Rivals – Alabama, Texas A&M & Multiple Others

LSU is the reigning national champion after having one of the greatest college seasons in history. They changed their philosophy from being a heavy running team to the spread offence. LSU is known as DBU because of the amount of talented defensive backs they produce for the NFL. If you like a team that scores points, has big hitters and awesome downfield coverage this could be the team for you.

Ole Miss Rebels 2018 Football Schedule & Analysis
College Football News

Ole Miss Rebels

Formed – 1893 | Home Colours – Navy Blue & White | All-time Record – 671-524-35 (.560) | National Titles – 3 Claimed | 2019 Record – 4-8

Familiar Players drafted – D.K.Metcalf, Seattle Seahawks (2019) Michael Oher, Baltimore Ravens (2009) Eli Manning, New York Giants (2004) Laremy Tunsil, Miami Dolphins (2016) Patrick Willis, San Francisco 49ers (2007)

Rivals – Mississippi State & Multiple others

Ole Miss is a weird team in college football. Known for big-time receivers and randomly beating Alabama when they have hardly won games all season makes them an interesting choice. If you like instability and the odd massive upset they may be the team for you.

Mississippi State Bulldogs

Formed – 1895 | Home Colours – Maroon & White | All-time Record – 569-585-39 (.493) | National Titles – 0 Claimed | 2019 Record – 6-7

Familiar Players drafted – Chris Jones, Kansas City Chiefs (2016) Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (2016) Darius Slay, Detroit Lions (2013) Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles (2012)

Rivals – Multiple

Mississippi State has a long history of producing talented players like the guys above. They have just hired a new head coach that is known for his offensive play calling to give the program a bit of spark. They have a cool stadium and are decent to watch so they may be the team for you.

Texas A&M Aggies

Formed – 1894 | Home Colours – Maroon & White | All-time Record – 741-481-48 (.602) | National Titles – 3 Claimed | 2019 Record – 8-5

Familiar Players drafted – Myles Garrett, Cleveland Browns (2017) Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2014) Von Miller, Denver Broncos (2011)

Rivals – Multiple

Texas A&M is another middle of the pack team in the SEC. They win games they should and play decent football against the top teams. The team is looking good for this upcoming year and have had many star players over the years go to the NFL. The owners of the ‘12th man’ slogan have a large fan base and a cracking stadium to house them. Could Texas A&M be the team for you?

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