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Tyler’s DFS Tips – NFL Week 9

Tyler’s DFS Tips – NFL Week 9 by Tyler Arthur

My Tips This Week

Quarter Back

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Been better, been worse!

Derek Carr

Cheap as chips, solid matchup.  

There are some good options at both ends of the price range throughout the slate this week, but to get us started I’m looking at a cheap option with a good matchup. The Detroit Lions have a solid offense and can keep pace with the Raiders, and Carr should keep throwing the ball throughout the game. Tyrell Williams is back (stack-worthy for sure) and the offense still looked great against Houston, with no turnovers and some good production, just not quite enough. I like Carr this week, and at only $5,500 he is a fantastic start.  

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Good Tip!

Matt Stafford

Good matchup, stack-worthy.  

If you want to attack this matchup but spend a little bit more money, you can still get involved, and even try and put on one of a few different stack options. Matt Stafford, at $6,800, is more expensive than Carr but is more easily worked into correlation with his teammates. I like Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones both this week and I’m even looking at Danny Amendola as a sneakier option. The Raiders are a good matchup because their offense is so good but their defense is very shaky against the pass.  

Running Back

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Good Tip!

Le’Veon Bell

The best of the rest.  

Disclaimer, I’m running out Christian McCaffrey whenever I can, every week, but I’m not going to tell you that you should – not only is it really bloody obvious, but because the reason I’m giving this pick isn’t changing on a weekly basis, it’s just because of him. This week I am recommending Le’Veon Bell as the best top RB who isn’t one of the super expensive guys. Bell is traveling down to Miami, and is priced at $7,700, which is a very affordable price (literally $2,300 less than CMC) to use as your RB1. The matchup is fantastic, obviously, and if Bell puts up a big game, you will have a little more money to spend.  

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Not such a great choice…

Mark Walton

Cheap option with enough volume to pay for himself.  

We’re doing it boys. For the first time all year I’ve added a Dolphins player in my fantasy leagues. Now it’s time to go for it in DFS. Mark Walton is now the RB1 in Miami, after Kenyan Drake got traded, and so now there is actually some sneaky value available. If you are trying to save money, there is enough volume here to justify it. If you can get some points out of just a $4,500 investment, it will help you build your team.  

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Awesome Tip!

Bonus Tip – Jaylen Samuels

If Conner misses, play Samuels.  

A quick one here that’s injury dependent – if James Conner can’t play this week, throw Jaylen Samuels into your lineup. This is a great way to upgrade to the likes of McCaffrey or to just improve your team across the board due to his price of just $4,000, you just have to make sure you’re checking your phone on Sunday afternoon.  

Wide Receiver

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Not such a great choice…

Tyrell Williams

TD machine, good matchup.  

I’m not sure how he’s doing it, but he can’t stop scoring. He has played five games this season and has a touchdown in every single game. He puts up between 30 and 100 yards, and snags a score to boost the numbers. But, let’s not forget, the Raiders’ schedule is back-loaded. It’s time to see him in some good matchups. Last week he had Houston which is a decent opponent, and he put up 18.1, now he is hosting (an Oakland home game!?) the Lions, who have been struggling on defense lately. At $5,900 I like this stack with Derek Carr a lot, but he’s got standalone value due to his floor and upside.  

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What was I thinking…

Allen Robinson

Affordable, fantastic matchup.  

Allen Robinson, also known as the Chicago Bears passing game, is back this week and ready to bounce back after a quieter week last time out. All jokes aside, he is literally the whole offense, sometimes – in Week 7 he had 16 targets for 10 catches – but against the Chargers he only got 5 catches. This matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles is the type of matchup that he needs to get back to his 20+ fantasy point potential. The running game in Chicago has been struggling, so when you add that Philly front-seven to the equation, it’s got to be a pass-heavy approach if the Bears have any hope. At $6,800, Robinson is a nice option for your WR1 in a more RB-heavy team, or an elite WR2 if you go with the likes of Golladay or Tyler Lockett.  

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Good Tip!

Marvin Jones Jr.

Three nice options, pick your poison.  

The Lions receiving corps isn’t as predictable as the Raiders’. This side of the matchup features a WR at all three levels of the price range. Golladay is $7,700, Marvin Jones is $6,000 and Danny Amendola is $4,700. The way that I’m leaning personally is the bottom end, I’m not interested in Golladay unless I’m not playing a top RB. While Amendola has some volume for a decent performance, I’m liking Jones’ upside. The Raiders are susceptible to the bigger plays, and so I think that his explosive nature is super attractive in the DFS format.  

Tight End

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Not such a great choice…

Darren Waller

Pay up. 

The tight end position is a weird one this week, it basically comes down to a decision of do you pay up or pay down. If you want to save money, you can, but it can be a little bit sketchy, because after the first few guys it drops off big time. If I’m paying up this week, I’m going with Darren Waller, the final member of a possible three-man Raiders stack. At $6,300, he’s the second highest priced TE, but I like the matchup and his volume is top-tier (Austin Hooper is the only TE with more receptions and he’s on bye).  

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Been better, been worse!

T.J Hockenson

Cheap with upside.  

The finale of my Detroit @ Oakland game stack is tight end T.J Hockenson. The price is great at just $3,700 and his upside is great for all the reasons we’ve already spoken about. The one fear I do have is that his volume is completely up in the air. He has no floor, to go with his upside, so be very careful if you go for this one.  

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Bonus Tip – Chris Herndon

If he’s healthy, fire him up.  

Another player who I’m happy to run out there this week health-dependent is Chris Herndon, of the New York Jets. There is a simple benefit of facing the Dolphins of course, but Darnold also loves throwing to his TE, and if he returns back to action this week, his $4,000 price tag will be very attractive.  


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What was I thinking…

Washington Redskins

This is a great week for defense. My latest trend for spending down for a cheap defense is at its best this week. The cheapest defense on the entire week is Washington, at $1,800, and they are facing the Buffalo Bills. I’m not sure how the D that’s facing Josh Allen is that cheap, but if they get you even just one interception and/or a couple of sacks, all of a sudden, you’ve got a few points and you’ve saved money.  

Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mentions

QB – Russell Wilson vs Tampa Bay – $7,100 

RB – Josh Jacobs vs Detroit – $6,500 

RB – Derrick Henry @ Carolina – $5,700 

WR  Tyler Lockett vs Tampa Bay – $7,500  

WR – Robby Anderson @ Miami – $5,500  

TE – Greg Olsen vs Tennessee – $3,500 

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