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Tyler’s DFS Tips – NFL Week 8

Tyler’s DFS Tips – NFL Week 8 by Tyler Arthur

My Tips This Week

Quarter Back

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Been better, been worse!

Josh Allen

Another great matchup.  

Once again, we go to Josh Allen in a plus matchup for our quarterback, this time as he hosts the Philadelphia Eagles. He costs $6,500 which isn’t cheap, but I love targeting the Eagles defense, and there is a great opportunity for a stack this week with a wide receiver that we will talk about later. I think that the Bills offense will be all-but forced to pass the ball in this one, which is great for Allen.  

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Been better, been worse!

Ryan Tannehill

Cheap as chips with genuine upside.  

This is actually a really nice value this week. It feels a bit gross, but I’m starting Ryan Tannehill. While it’s not a name that jumps off the page, after seeing his performance last week I’m intrigued. Against the Chargers he threw for 300 yards and 2 TD’s, and ended the game with 23 fantasy points even after an interception. This week he’s playing host to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which can only be good for him, and at $5,100 I’m loving that value pick. You could also go for a stack too, for a nice cheap receiver option – if you want to go that way, I would personally opt for A.J. Brown who is cheaper than Corey Davis but I actually like him better.  

Running Back

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Not such a great choice…

Todd Gurley

Don’t forget who he is, great matchup.  

We can’t forget how good Todd Gurley is at football. While we can’t necessarily expect the type of production we could last season, but he’s getting some real volume again now – in the Tampa Bay game a few weeks back he got 11 targets! (7 receptions) on top of his rushing duty. I am seeing his matchup with Cincinnati and their abysmal defense, and I can’t ignore it. At $7,400, Gurley is in a price range that allows for a bit more flexibility in your lineup than the likes of Saquon and McCaffrey, but with upside to put up some big numbers against the Bengals.  

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What was I thinking…

Ty Johnson

Budget Beast. 

This pick comes with a slight caveat to check and make sure that he’s starting, and that they don’t bring someone new in to get in the way of the start. Kerryon Johnson has been placed on IR and won’t be back until the last two weeks of the season, opening the door for his namesake Ty. Ty Johnson is just $4,900 this week with a nice matchup against the Giants at home. Johnson got involved in the passing game more last week and got more touches once Kerryon was knocked out. If he gets a featured workload he will be an absolute bargain with some upside as well as the increased floor.  

Wide Receiver

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Not such a great choice…

John Brown

Good Floor, Good Upside, Great Stack.  

As I outlined earlier, I really love the Philly matchup for passing weapons in fantasy. Their defense stops the run and sucks against the pass, what more can you ask for? I’m running a Josh Allen and John Brown stack this week and I love it. Brown is a very affordable $5,900, and combines floor and upside, making him a good play in both cash games and tournaments. I think that this is one of those weeks where there aren’t too many amazing value options at running back, and so these middle-tier receivers can be super helpful.  

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What was I thinking…

Kenny Stills

Lock. Him. In.  

My favourite value pick on the slate at the position, I am going with newly promoted WR2 Kenny Stills, of the Houston Texans. This week the Raiders are visiting, which is good enough, as their offense is good but defense is bad – but that’s not the only reason Stills is worth significantly more than $4,700. Will Fuller is injured and will be missing a few weeks, making Stills their go-to deep threat now. When you’re a deep threat against the Raiders, your ceiling is automatically huge, and at such a low price, this pick is a no brainer. It will be very popular, but for good reason.  

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Good Tip!

Tyler Lockett

Great Matchup, Unstoppable Player.  

Off the back of yet another consistent game, Tyler Lockett now comes into a matchup which gives him an opportunity to have a big game, as he goes to Atlanta this week. The attitude that the Seahawks star receiver is boom or bust has been disproven this year, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still have a boom game. At $7,000, Lockett is expensive, there’s no doubt in that, but he could definitely pay off. I’ll actually like the matchup even more if Matt Ryan plays, so don’t be too worried about that. You could go with a stack with Russell Wilson if you want to go contrarian and opt for one of the more expensive stacks.  

Tight End

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Good Tip!

Evan Engram

Bounce back week.  

Last week everyone expected a lot from Evan Engram. Firstly, you expect a lot every week because he’s a very talented player, but last week in particular because of his matchup. Somehow Engram didn’t get it done against the Cardinals – don’t ask me how that’s possible – and he burned plenty of DraftKings players. That gives us an opportunity to go back to him when everyone else is taking a week off. This time he has another decent matchup, definitely not as good as Arizona but solid, in Detroit. At $5,300 he isn’t exactly cheap but he should have a nice bounce back game. 

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Not such a great choice…

Hunter Henry

Still Underpriced 

Last week we started Hunter Henry because they hadn’t adjusted his price up enough after his return from injury. They’ve added another 900 to the cost, but I still think that the value for Henry at $4,900 is really good. Obviously, the matchup against the Chicago defense is a bit of a weird one to predict at the moment, but I’m not overly scared of it. Henry provides the cheapest way to bring in one of the best tight ends to you lineup, and he’ll be less popular this week for sure.  


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Been better, been worse!

Los Angeles Chargers

I don’t spend up on defenses. They’re unpredictable, for the most part, and if you don’t get the right one it’s just a waste of money. My strategy has essentially become scrolling up from the bottom price until I find something, I don’t mind starting. This week the cheapest solid option is the LA Chargers. They’re not a particularly good defense right now but they have some playmakers up front and they can put pressure on the QB. This week they face the Chicago Bears who have two QB’s that can alternate at any moment between weeks and it won’t change my opinion – either of them could throw a pick or two. At $2,400 I’m using the Chargers as my cheap defense and hoping for a few points from sacks and hopefully a pick or two.  

Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mentions

QB – Deshaun Watson vs Oakland – $7,100 

RB – Josh Jacobs @ Houston – $5,800 

RB – Chris Carson @ Atlanta – $7,000 

WR – A.J. Brown vs Tampa Bay – $4,100 

WR – Courtland Sutton @ Indianapolis – $5,300 

TE  Austin Hooper vs Seattle – $5,500 

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