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Tyler’s DFS Tips – NFL Week 8 by Tyler Arthur

My Tips This Week

Quarter Back

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What was I thinking…

Baker Mayfield

Great Matchup, huge second half last week.  

Was OBJ the problem? No, but hey… Baker Mayfield decided to go ham after his star wideout got hurt last week, and it was incredibly impressive. In just 18 completions against the Bengals, the second-year QB threw 5 touchdowns and 297 yards. Now he gets to face off against the Las Vegas Raiders and their struggling defense. The Silver and Black offense is strong enough to keep the Browns pushing, but they shouldn’t find it too difficult to move the ball downfield against their D. The Cleveland quarterback costs just $6,100 and I’m looking for him to pick up where he left off with another nice week in this matchup.  

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Been better, been worse!

Ryan Tannehill

Good matchup, underrated QB.  

After talking about how Baker Mayfield suddenly exploded against the Cincinnati Bengals, now I want to talk about their opponent for Week 8. With the Titans coming to town, Ryan Tannehill is looking to continue on yet another great season, and his phenomenal weeks in Weeks 5&6, with 30 and 33.6 points respectively against Buffalo and Houston, I am anticipating another big game. The touchdowns have been coming thick and fast for Tannehill, and he is averaging 265 yards on top of that, with just two interceptions all year. His floor is solid and his ceiling is top 5 on any given week. If Baker is going to explode against the Bengals, I think Tannehill can too, and at $6,800 I’m excited to see him go toe to toe with Burrow and see if the rookie can push the veteran to pass it more.  

Running Back

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What was I thinking…

Jonathan Taylor

It’s time for the big games to come.  

One of the hottest commodities in all of fantasy football this preseason, the Indianapolis Colts’ rookie running back, who they took with the 41st pick overall, Jonathan Taylor has been somewhat disappointing for fantasy owners. Not because he isn’t doing well, in fact he’s actually been really inconsistent, averaging 15 points per game, but he hasn’t reached anywhere near his ceiling yet. His current season-high is just 22 fantasy points, and I think that we still have a lot more space to build on top of that. With this week’s matchup against the Detroit Lions, I think we have as good a chance as any to look for a big game. Off the back of a bye week, facing a bad opposing defense, I think Taylor can shine. All he needs is the volume, and he will make it happen. He is averaging 4.1 yards per carry on the season and 10.1 yards per reception, so just give him the ball and watch those fantasy points start ticking up. He will cost you $6,600, but with such a stable floor and an unrealised ceiling, I’m going with the rookie this week.  

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Not such a great choice…

Kareem Hunt

Good Matchup, workhorse volume. 

With Nick Chubb still out on the Injured Reserve, I could literally tip Kareem Hunt every single week, because his volume is phenomenal, but the fact this week he is facing the Las Vegas Raiders at home is a boost that I can’t ignore. At $6,900 the Browns back isn’t exactly cheap, but if he’s going to get 20+ touches and then come up against this defense the week later I have to plug him in my team. He is an elusive and versatile running back who will be going up against one of the worst tackling defenses in the league. I hate to say it as a Raiders fan but this is an incredible matchup for Hunt, and I think he will be incredibly popular this week.  

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Been better, been worse!

BONUS TIPS: Whoever starts for the Niners (Tevin Coleman or JaMycal Hasty)

I’m not going to list every name who plays for each team and go through their individual injury statuses, but long story short, there could be some very cheap players who have a large role for the 49ers backfield. This tip is for Tevin Coleman if he plays – he costs the literal minimum of $4,000 – because this offense is so good at creating matchups and blocking with leverage and smart play design on every call, and as soon as he is back healthy, I want him in my team. However, because we don’t actually know for certain that he is going to start, I am also tipping JaMycal Hasty on the condition that Coleman doesn’t suit up. Hasty costs $5,000 (because he is actually active), and while the rookie isn’t as talented as Coleman, he would still do great if he starts. Just don’t start Jerick McKinnon, he is too expensive and you might as well just pick someone else.  

Wide Receiver

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Awesome Tip!

Keenan Allen

When healthy, super involved.  

Justin Herbert has taken fantasy football by storm since he became the star of the Los Angeles Chargers, and his favourite target has been veteran wideout Keenan Allen. The route-running specialist has been in an absolute groove since the Week 2 QB change, averaging 20.3 points despite getting hurt early in one of the games. Every week is pretty much a lock for either a touchdown, 100 yards or 10+ targets – or sometimes more than one of those. At $6,200, and with a matchup against the Broncos who have been shutting down the run game well this year, I think that Allen will continue to benefit from the volume he’s getting, and produce on a high level. His floor is 10 points and his ceiling is 30+, what more do you want?  

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What was I thinking…

Marquise Brown

They will need to pass, and every play has big potential.  

Despite the fact that Lamar Jackson has arguably disappointed those who selected him in the first two rounds of fantasy drafts, he is still producing by human standards, even if not quite the superhero levels of 2019. Marquise Brown was another super popular player coming into the year, obviously tethered to Jackson’s success, but also an absolute stud in his own right. Brown has had some dud games, with just 3.3 points against Kansas City, and two games in single digits thus far, however I think after the bye week and with a huge matchup against Pittsburgh, the offense is going to come out firing on all cylinders. The run game should be downgraded hosting the Steelers D, and so I expect them to pass more than usual, and so create more opportunities for Hollywood to explode and put up a big game for us. He costs $6,100, and it’s a riskier pick than we all hoped before the season started, but he has the upside that we all love in DFS and I’m hoping to see it this week.  

Nelson Agholor Las Vegas Raiders

What was I thinking…

Nelson Agholor

Screw it.  

I’m embracing the trap. Nelson Agholor is playing well, both for football and fantasy football, and I’m here for it. With three weeks in a row of touchdowns and 14+ fantasy points in pretty mediocre matchups, and now he has a favourable one, traveling to Cleveland. I acknowledge that the nature of paying $4,700 for Nelson Agholor is asking to be disappointed, but he has looked legitimately good and he got 9 targets last week, so it’s time to embrace it and just go for it. I can’t give much more analysis, but I believe.  

Tight End

Pic: USA Today

Not such a great choice…

Darren Waller

A TE you can trust, in a great matchup.  

One of the incredibly few players at the Tight End position – and the cheapest of them in DK – Darren Waller is the central point of an underrated Las Vegas Raiders passing offense, and he is averaging 16 fantasy points per game at a position where you’re lucky to get to double digits with the position – and his average would be 18.3 points if it wasn’t for that one game against New England where they doubled him the whole game, and that would make him the TE2 in FFPG. As we’ve already spoken about multiple times, the Cleveland vs Vegas matchup is one that is incredibly good for fantasy, and Waller is possibly my favourite player from the whole matchup, depending on if you want to spend up on Kareem Hunt or go against the grain a bit and pay up slightly at TE. The price gap between Waller and the top 2 of Kittle and Kelce isn’t justified and I like his matchup more this week anyway.  

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Not such a great choice…

Jonnu Smith

Might as well give you both of my favourite TE’s.  

After tipping my sneaky tight end from 2019 who became a superstar, it’s time to go with my favourite budget TE of 2020 to get in on the action. That Tight End is of course Jonnu Smith of the Tennessee Titans. After a couple of disappointing weeks, Draft Kings have put a big discount on Jonnu, and I’m ready to put him straight in my lineup at a phenomenal price of $4,100. This discount just happens to perfectly coincide with the #1 opponent for tight ends in fantasy this year – admittedly this is the case because last week they got absolutely murdered – the Bengals. I love the value here and the matchup makes an every-week option even better.  


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Awesome Tip!

Indianapolis Colts

My fantasy tip for the defense that everybody should target in their draft was the Indianapolis Colts. Their schedule through the first eight weeks was absolutely incredible, and therefore they have asserted themselves an absolutely incredible fantasy defense – except this is the last week where they have that easy schedule. So, let’s get in on it one more time while it lasts. Their matchup this week is with the Detroit Lions, who have been struggling this year, and would look like an even juicier matchup if the Falcons didn’t accidentally score a touchdown. The Colts are fresh off their bye and poised at a very affordable price down at $3,100, and I’m getting on it.  

Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mentions

Derek Carr @ Cleveland – QB – $5,500 

Giovani Bernard vs Tennessee – RB – $5,800 

Melvin Gordon vs Los Angeles Chargers – RB $5,600 

Tyler Boyd vs Tennessee – WR – $6,600 

Kenny Golladay vs Indianapolis – WR – $6,600 

Harrison Bryant vs Las Vegas – TE – $3,200 

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