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Sean Breen Does NFL – Week 8 by Sean Robert

All odds accurate at time of tip creation and are subject to change

Week 8 List – Acca Odds (691/1)

Green Bay Packers over Arizona Cardinals @15/8

Carolina Panthers over Atlanta Falcons @11/8

San Francisco 49ers over Chicago Bears @4/7

Cleveland Browns over Pittsburgh Steelers @1/2

Philadelphia Eagles over Detroit Lions @8/15

Los Angeles Rams over Houston Texans @1/10

Tennessee Titans over Indianapolis Colts @4/5

Cincinnati Bengals over New York Jets @1/5

New England Patriots over Los Angeles Chargers @2/1

Seattle Seahawks over Jacksonville Jaguars @4/7

Denver Broncos over Washington Football Team @8/13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over New Orleans Saints @4/9

Dallas Cowboys over Minnesota Vikings @4/6

Kansas City Chiefs over New York Giants @2/9

Upset Alert:

Washington Football Team over Denver Broncos
The Broncos have been in our selections a few times and let us down and they are always vulnerable because they fall behind a lot. If they are behind here the Football Team can allow its defence to really go after the Broncos.

My Tips This Week

Tip 1: Detroit Lions VS Philadelphia Eagles – 31st October 2021

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Philadelphia Eagles over Detroit Lions

Odds 1.53
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £15.30

The Detroit Lions just can’t seem to catch a break and even though they played well last week their defence still looks way too leaky. The Eagles have had their troubles as well but they still have a very good offensive line that is allowing opportunities on offence and a defence that doesn’t allow a lot of points. 

Tip 2: Minnesota Vikings VS Dallas Cowboys – 1st November 2021

Image Credit: Daily Express

Dallas Cowboys over Minnesota Vikings

Odds 1.67
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £16.70

The Cowboys offence is rolling at the moment and the Vikings defence isn’t what id call stingy. If Dak Prescott and company come out in the same form they can keep cousins and the Vikings offence off the field. 

Tip 3: Cleveland Browns VS Pittsburgh Steelers – 31st October 2021

Image Credit:

Cleveland Browns over Pittsburgh Steelers

Odds 1.50
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £15.00

The Browns have their injury worries but they still had enough power to allow an undrafted rookie to got for 146 and 1TD last week in the run game. They are returning some pieces. With Pittsburgh if Big Ben plays a clean game, they always have a chance but he’s likely to be under a fair bit of pressure this weekend. 

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