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Sean Breen Does NFL – Week 3 by Sean Robert

All odds accurate at time of tip creation and are subject to change

Week 3 List – Acca Odds (2999/1)

Carolina Panthers over Houston Texans @1/4
Buffalo Bills over Washington Football @1/4
Cleveland Browns over Chicago Bears @1/3
Baltimore Ravens over Detroit Lions @1/4
Kansas City Chiefs over Los Angeles Chargers @1/3
New Orleans Saints over New England Patriots @5/4
Atlanta Falcons over New York Giants @11/8
Indianapolis Colts over Tennessee Titans @2/1
Arizona Cardinals over Jacksonville Jaguars @2/7
Miami Dolphins over Las Vegas Raiders @7/4
Denver Broncos over New York Jets @1/6
Los Angeles Rams over Tampa Bay Buccaneers @21/20
Seattle Seahawks over Minnesota Vikings @8/11
Green Bay Packers over San Francisco @3/2
Dallas Cowboys over Philadelphia Eagles @10/21

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Upset Alert – New England Patriots over New Orleans Saints


The Saints were missing some key players and staff last week that should return, but they may miss this whole week’s practice. After a week 1 domination Winston looked back to his old self. If he has errant throws the Patriots defence will make them pay.

My Tips This Week

Tip 1: Minnesota Vikings VS Seattle Seahawks – 26th September 2021

Image Credit: USA Today

Seattle Seahawks over Minnesota Vikings

Odds 1.73
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £17.30
The Seattle Seahawks lost last week in what was a nuts game they really shouldn’t have lost. They allowed Derrick Henry to have 18o yards and 3 touchdowns. Dalvin Cook was a bit banged up last week and the Vikings offensive line isn’t as good. The Vikings defence also gave up big numbers to Kyler Murray.

Tip 2: New York Giants VS Atlanta Falcons – 26th September 2021

Image Credit: USA Today

Atlanta Falcons over New York Giants

Odds 2.38
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £23.80
The Falcons are doing their usual and scoring points but leaking on defence. They have shown they can compete with the Buccaneers at the weekend until 2 late interceptions. The Giants lost a game last week due to an offside on a missed field goal. They have their struggles even though their team looks great on paper.

Tip 3: Los Angeles Rams VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 26th September 2021

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Los Angeles Rams over Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Odds 2.05
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £20.50
The Buccaneers struggled a little against an Atlanta defence that’s poor. I know it says 48 on the score sheet but a lot of that was defence and short field position. The Rams defence is a different level and now they have the offence to back it up if the Buccaneers fall behind it may not be so easy to come back.

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