NFL Week 13 – Betting Tips

NFL Week 13 – Betting Tips by Tips Central

All odds accurate at time of tip creation and are subject to change

My Tips This Week

Tip 1: Jacksonville Jaguars VS Indianapolis Colts – 2nd December 2018

Image Credit: NFL Spin Zone


Colts -4.0

Odds 1.90
Stake £1
Returns £1.90
Profit / Loss £-1.00

(Half stake)

The Colts are playing well at the moment. They’ve won their last 5 in a row, including a 3 point win over Jacksonville a few weeks ago. Whilst this might be at Jacksonville as supposed to at Indianapolis, I think they can win. They’ll struggle without Mack if he doesn’t play, hence go for this with half your normal stake if you take it.

Tip 2: Houston Texans VS Cleveland Browns – 2nd December 2018

Image Credit: House of Houston


Texans -5.5

Odds 1.90
Stake £1.0
Returns £1.90
Profit / Loss £0.90

Momentum is a dangerous thing. The Texans became the first team ever to start 0-3 then win 8 straight, and I think this’ll likely be 9 straight again. The Browns aren’t the pushover they used to be, but I think the offensive weapons with Nuk, Watson and a decent enough backfield should stress out the Cleveland defence, and I think the Texans defence should (hopefully) be able to slow down Baker and Chubb

Tip 3: Atlanta Falcons VS Baltimore Ravens – 2nd December 2018

Image Credit: Baltimore Sun


Ravens -2.5

Odds 2.20
Stake £1.0
Returns £2.20
Profit / Loss £1.20

This seems to be a bit of a consensus pick in the NFL betting community for an upset this week. Baltimore’s defence is suffocating, and i’m sure if Joe Flacco was playing they’d be favourites. But Lamar can burn you with his legs, and his Passing game is enough to keep the chains moving. The Atlanta defence is porous, and their offence can sometimes struggle to put up tonnes of TDs, settling for FGs (bad for those who have Tevin Coleman in fantasy like me!). I think the Ravens upset, slightly safer pick is the moneyline but I think a FG is a safe bet if Baltimore win.

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