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James’ DFS Tips – NFL Week 17 by James Platt

Caution! What you’re about to read could completely backfire and I’m not responsible for your losses. With that said, it’s the last week of the year, we’ve made it and it’s time to spaff what’s left of your Draft Kings balance up the wall in an attempt to finish the year in the green. Let’s get into it. 


My Tips This Week

Quarter Back

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Aaron Rodgers

With a win, the Packers could secure a first-round bye and the NFC playoffs could run through Lambeau so you can bet your ass the starters will be out there for the whole game. Whether Detroit will keep it competitive or not is another question with David Blough at the helm. Aaron Rodgers is $6,900 and is among the most expensive quarterbacks this week as he faces a defence well versed in giving up huge amounts of passing yardage (293 per game to be exact.) Davante Adams is expensive at $8,000 but he might be worth a look too.

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Ryan Tannehill

If someone told you Ryan Tannehill would cost you $6,800 to play in week 17 before the season started you would have slapped them thinking they’d gone crazy. But, here we are, I really hope the Titans win this game and make it into the playoffs, they are such a fun team to watch. Since starting, only Lamar Jackson has scored more points which is seriously impressive. Two weeks ago, although they didn’t win the game, Tannehill put up 300 yards and two scores so there’s no reason to think he can’t do similar or better with the playoffs on the line and a Houston team with little to play for (No matter what Billy O’ says.)

Running Back

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Miles Sanders

Could you imagine if the Eagles had utilised Miles Sanders properly since week 1 and not handcuffed him to Jordan Howard for most of the year? He’d be the undisputed offensive rookie of the year. He is an absolute monster just like I thought he would be, and he is only a couple hundred scrimmage yards behind Jacobs despite only just being given the starting role a few weeks back. He is a truly special player who has a great matchup against the Giants this week. For $6800, you’re picking a guy who has finally shown us his tremendous receiving ability and the power to hit those holes hard. He will be a big reason why the Eagles are powering their way into the playoffs. 

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Ezekiel Elliott

Zeke Elliott has had a little bit of a down year by his standards, but he’s still been a solid fantasy option at times. This week he costs $8000 vs the Redskins in a game that the Cowboys have to win to be in with a chance at the playoffs and Jason Garrett saving his job (lol.) Both Miles Sanders and Saquon Barkley went nuts on this defence to the tune of 38.2 and 46.9 points respectively. Ezekiel Elliott is going to feast on this dead squad that will be ripped to pieces and hopefully Snyder might put someone competent in charge, although that’s unlikely.

Wide Receiver

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Darius Slayton

Darius Slayton and the Giants may not have anything to play for but he only costs $4,900 and he destroyed the Eagles the last time they played. The Philadelphia secondary struggles with speed and that is something Slayton has in bundles. Jones has his confidence back and he’ll want to look good in this divisional rivalry as they go into the offseason. Slayton has been a nice surprise for the G-men, and he should be a big part of what they do going forward. 

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Tyler Boyd

After posting 36 points last week in a thrilling battle with the Dolphins he comes in to another good matchup against the Browns who seem to have no heart on either side of the ball. Dalton wants to, potentially, end his career in Cincinnati with a big win against their division rival and Boyd is going to show everyone that A.J. Green doesn’t need to be there for him to have a successful games because he is a true No. 1 receiver who can perform week after week. In a game with no playoff implications it could be risky, but I like my chances here.

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AJ Brown

AJ Brown has turned it on the last month and it’s surprising that he only costs $7000 at this point. Just as I mentioned above with Tannehill, they are going to come out strong and propel themselves into the last wildcard spot. We already know that the Houston defence can’t contain him because he went for 28 points just two weeks ago. Another outing like that could push them into January and us into the profit.

Tight End

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Dallas Goedert

Dallas Goedert is now the second target in the Eagles offense after Miles Sanders…the running back. If the Eagles actually make it to the playoffs they’d better hope their receivers and Ertz is healthy enough to play. He toughed it out last week but is a major question mark to play this week vs the Giants. Goedert is now $4,900 and has all the upside that Ertz had which was a top end of about 30 points and a floor of about 15 points. He saw 12 targets last week and Ertz was still playing, could Goedert see 20 targets? It’s possible with how good he is and how little else Wentz has to throw to.

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Tyler Higbee

Tyler Higbee has also been a huge surprise this season, well, maybe the last month. He was the No. 35 tight end before December and now he is top eight, costing $5600 vs the Cardinals. Although there are no playoff implications here I think Higbee wants to continue his dominant December and prove to the Rams that he should be the starter going forward into 2020. With an average of 24 points over his last four games in a streak that started against this very team, you can’t go against the team who hasn’t been able to cover any tight end except Vance bloody McDonald all year.


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Pittsburgh Steelers

The strategy with the defence is to go against teams that are sitting their starters and might still want to play. The Steelers vaunted defence is only going to cost you $3000 vs the Ravens who have already made it no secret that Jackson, Ingram and Andrews will be out with more starters likely only playing parts of the game. They have the No. 1 seed locked up so the Steelers who still have a shot at the playoffs can tee off on the backups and wait to see if Tennessee blunder their way of out of the wild card spot.

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New York Jets

The Jets at $2700 don’t have anything to play for vs the Bills but they have been playing better and feistier as of late. I think they do want to play hard for Gregg Williams so that’s a plus. Also, the Bills don’t have anything to play for and would be smart to rest their starters. Josh Allen likely won’t play much, the same goes for John Brown. I think the Jets should be able to handle the backups (I hope.)

Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mentions

QB Andy Dalton CLE@CIN $5,900: He wants to send the city of Cincy a win and there isn’t a more terrifying man in the NFL as of this moment. 

RB Christian McCaffrey NO@CAR $10,000With records on the line, this stud could give us an alltime great fantasy week so get him in! 

RB Joe Mixon CLE@CIN $7,200: A juicy looking matchup for a bounce back performance and a great end to a breakout season for the young runner. 

WR Allen Robinson CHI@MIN $7,200: Surprisingly a top ten fantasy receiver and Minnesota’s secondary was…struggling, to say the least, now they have nothing to play for. 

TE Jonnu Smith TEN@HOU $4,200: In a must-win game for Tennessee their young tight end and Tannehill will step up big time for the city of Nashville. 

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