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James’ DFS Tips – NFL Week 16 by James Platt


My Tips This Week

Quarter Back

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What was I thinking…

Baker Mayfield


Mayfield is up against the J-E-T-S this weekend and we’re hoping he doesn’t have a Jared Goff-esque performance. The Jets are decent at stopping the run so it might put a damper on Chubb and Hunts 1-2 punch but that’s excellent for Mayfield’s stock. New York will be eaten alive by Austin Hooper and the receivers with no secondary to speak of. The pricing for QBs has a huge gap between the low $6,000s and the $7,000s so there is value to exploit in week 16. 

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Good Tip!

Mitch Trubisky


I have no idea why the DraftKings price makers have kept Trubisky at $5,700 when he’s against the Texans this Sunday. Yes, he only managed 15 points against the Vikings, but they at least form some sort of defensive unit most games, the Jags should feel embarrassed trotting out that secondary. Trubisky might make Ryan Pace look very silly if he decides to give him a new deal based on the last few weeks of play but who cares, this is fantasy. The Jags are giving up the second-most points to QBs so it’s a tasty matchup for a league average QB who will more than likely be paid a stupid amount of money next season.   

Running Back

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Awesome Tip!

J.D. McKissick


I thought McKissic would be dead in the water without Alex Smith in the lineup but he proved himself to be a smash once again. Haskins might be an idiot, but he targeted McKissic 10 times in week 15 so he can’t be too dim-witted. Now the Washington Football Team comes in against the Panthers who are one of the worst teams against the run, and pass-catching backs. Plus, they could have Smith back under centre which would be a boost. 

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Good Tip!

Giovani Bernard


Bernard shook off the rust against the Steelers, one of the toughest matchups in the NFL for a running back. This week he ha!s one of the easiest matchups for a running back, the Texans. At $4,800 you get the beautiful timing of a huge MNF week with no increase in price. He should be able to get free for at least one TD and I feel like the Texans will be focusing in on a frisky and elusive Ryan Finley as strange as that sounds. 

Wide Receiver

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Awesome Tip!

Brandin Cooks


Cooks hasn’t really been the same player this year as he has been in previous, but it’s been a very difficult year for the Texans. He managed six catches on seven targets a week ago after coming back from ANOTHER concussion. In four consecutive games now, he’s had over 12 points and we know from earlier on in the year he has the upside to make this price look dumb. Cincy definitely aren’t the Colts in terms of having a capable secondary, so I’d expect a huge uptick in usage in week 16. 

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Awesome Tip!

Michael Gallup


Darnell Mooney went off big-time for us last Sunday for $3,900 and I think we’ll see similar from Gallup against the Eagles this week. The Cardinals were able to do whatever they wanted through the air against Philly because two of their top three corners were out and I’m not sure they’ll be back for this game. The Cowboys will be playing hard on their two-game win streak, feeling good about themselves and Michael Gallup has had double-digit points in three of his last four games. Dalton is looking comfortable under centre and he will be motivated to silence the playoff hopes of the Eagles with a Gallup TD or two. 

Tight End

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Good Tip!

Noah Fant


Yes, we might be going off his huge performance a week ago and he might have disappointed overall this season, but that’s just the Broncos as a whole. He managed a huge 21 points against the Bills who have gotten a little better on defence and now he comes in against the Chargers who are absolutely trash in that department. Tight ends have put up 10 TDs and averaged 14 points a game against the Chargers D. It probably doesn’t help the stats that the Chargers have to face Waller and Kelce twice a year but that doesn’t excuse them for being piss poor. 

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Been better, been worse!

Jordan Akins


I’m going back to my old ways once again after the Bengals played on Monday last week so I couldn’t target them. The Bengals are the 2019 Cardinals at defending tight ends. They reinvigorated Evan Engram and did the same for Dalton Schultz, now they will put Akins into the hearts and minds of NFL fans everywhere. For $3,300, you’re getting a tight end that put up 10 points on the Colts defence without scoring a tuddy. Yes, DraftKings, you did raise his price, but nowhere close to where it would have to be for me to think twice about playing him in every single lineup I have. 


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Not such a great choice…



Might be strange picking against the Seahawks but this offence has been more prone to turnovers and has not been the team we saw in the first half of the season. The last time they played the Rams, the Rams D turned in 13 points and I could easily see that happening again. I think that the Rams will be eager to prove last week against the lowly Jets was just a fluke and come out really aggressive against Seattle. 

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