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James’ DFS Tips – NFL Week 10

James’ DFS Tips – NFL Week 10 by James Platt

Time to get riled up for the second half of the season and we’re looking to win big down the stretch. You might see me pushing some fliers, doesn’t mean you have to take them, but I appreciate if you take a leap of faith with me. Last week I chose Fitzpatrick and, my god, the meme was strong enough to get me some good points. Let’s hit it again and kill it in week 10!

My Tips This Week

Quarter Back

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Awesome Tip!

Daniel Jones

The hype may have died down on Daniel Jones and the price shows at just $5,700. This week he faces the leaky Jets defence that just got lit up by the Dolphins and Ryan Fitzpatrick for their first win of the season. He hasn’t been the most turnover shy QB and he’ll need to limit that if he’s to become the face of the Giants. Against the Jets, however, he can be certainly be a little riskier and try to push the ball downfield as long as he stays away from Jamal Adams. He also has rushing upside with 26 yards a game and against the injury plagued second level of the Jets he might be able to gain a few more.

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Been better, been worse!

Ryan Tannehill

Perhaps one of the most unheralded storylines in the league, Tannehill showing that he is a potential starting QB. He is quietly fantasy QB5 and still only $5,100 since he took over the starting job from ultra conservative Marcus Mariota and he’s making the Titans look much better. This week he faces the Chiefs who can’t seem to catch a break with injuries this year. They get back Chris Jones and out goes Frank Clark. Theoretically this defence should be pretty good, however, they are not. Occasionally they’ll stifle a QB and they will do nothing, on the other hand, they get destroyed. There seems to be no middle ground at all, a QB will do nothing, or they will be god tier and we’re hoping that Tannehill continues his great run with all the momentum he has.

Running Back

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Not such a great choice…

Marlon Mack

I flip flopped over who I should put in this spot and Marlon Mack triumphed over Mark Ingram. They only have a $100 price disparity, so I dropped Ingram to my honourable mentions. For $7,000 you might be getting the best matchup in the league for week 10. The Colts have the 2nd ranked run blocking grade in the NFL and the Dolphins are in the bottom 10 for both run defence and tackling grades, per PFF. This will not be pretty when you have the elusive Marlon Mack in the backfield ready to juke Miami all over the field. This tip will be even better if Brissett is out and Hoyer is playing as they should look to give Mack more touches than they normally would.

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Awesome Tip!

Ronald Jones

ld Jones should be the starting RB for the rest of the season and that is excellent news for us fantasy players. Last week he played 55% of the snaps and had four times the amount of touches that Peyton Barber did, signalling the start of the Ronald Jones era. Why do I like him so much? To start with he’s only $4,300 which is great for a feature back. This Bucs-Cards game is one to watch, it has the highest over/under total of any game in week 10 so there should be lots of points to go around. Last of all, when Jones has more than 15 touches in a game, he averages around 15 points which would be excellent value for his price, then you can salivate about his upside.

Wide Receiver

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Not such a great choice…

Chris Godwin

I’ve already mentioned that this Bucs-Cards game has a huge over/under total, so we’ve got to get a receiver in here. It can hard to choose between Evans and Godwin because they are both so good. This week we’re going with Godwin at $7,400 but I don’t blame you for choosing Evans at $7,600 after two consecutive huge games. Patrick Peterson hasn’t looked like his former self since coming back from suspension (see: getting roasted by Emmanuel Sanders) but he is still a proven corner in this league that might be able to limit the damage Evans can do as he will likely be shadowing him. Godwin has truly emerged as another No.1 receiver in that Tampa offense this year and he should have the much more favourable matchup of Tramaine Brock who has given up over 400 yards and 3 TDs (16th most of any corner in the NFL.) There should be a lot of points scored and we hope they are funnelled through Jones and Godwin.

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Not such a great choice…

Calvin Ridley

Ive been burned by this guy repeatedly but I’m hoping this changes. You could take anyone on the other side of the ball because they’re against the Falcons defence and that’s good for any player. I’m picking Calvin Ridley for $5,400 against the Saints. Marshon Lattimore, much improved once the team starting using him correctly, should be shadowing Julio for most of the game which leaves Ridley in a great spot. In his first two meetings with the Saints he’s scored an average of 31.3 points, the Saints do not have a capable corner other than Lattimore so it looks like Ridley might run wild again with Sanu now out of the picture.

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Awesome Tip!

Darius Slayton

Darius Slayton is a guy I quite like this week and I don’t really know why but I have a gut feeling. Yes, this is what it’s come down to with me and receivers, I’m that bad at picking them that I’m relying on my internal organs to tell me who is going to do well each week. Anyway, Slayton is $4,200, Evan Engram is out, most of the attention will be focused on stopping Barkley and Tate. I think Slayton and Latimer ($4,000) can have good games against this embarrassing Jets secondary.

Tight End

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What was I thinking…

Mike Gesicki

FOLLOW. THE. VOLUME. 95 yards and over 15 points. Mike Gesicki has finally shown that he’s worth choosing for his low price of $3,100. Fitzpatrick is the unquestioned starter and his beardy magic should propel Gesicki to another great week against the Colts. They will have to pass early and often to keep up and Fitzpatrick will because he doesn’t give two fucks about the Dolphins tanking agenda.

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What was I thinking…

Vance McDonald

We’re going tight end against tight end, McDonald vs Everett, and McDonald is only $3,800. Before the bye week, McDonald only saw 3 targets a game. In the two weeks after the bye that number has doubled and what do I always say, FOLLOW THE VOLUME. The Rams might be even worse at defending tight ends than the Steelers after not allowing more than 10 points to a tight end in weeks 1-3. Since then, they’ve allowed every tight end since at least 10 points with an average of 16 points.


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What was I thinking…

New York Giants

I couldn’t believe that the Giants defence was only $2,800, well, I could because it’s the Giants defence, but their facing the Jets. The Jets are the only team in the league to not score over 100 points so far in the 2019 season. That’s just plain embarrassing when the Dolphins have outscored, and now LeVeon Bell is banged up? Lord have mercy. I think the Giants will tee off on Adam Gases offense, Leonard Williams revenge game?


Not such a great choice…

Cleveland Browns

The Browns are surrendering three sacks a game; Baker Mayfield is disgustingly inaccurate, and Kitchens could be fired before the season is even over. In come the Bills and their top-5 defence. They shouldn’t have much trouble shutting down the passing game despite the Browns top weapons because Mayfield has regressed so much this season, whether you want to blame it on his offensive line, that’s up to you. I expect the Bills to have a standout defensive game and have 5+ sacks for just $2,900.

Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mentions

QB Drew Brees $6,700 [email protected]: Against one of the worst defences in the NFL, Brees and company might roll heads in the Falcons building.

RB Christian McCaffrey $10,500 [email protected]: I don’t care what his price is or who he faces, find a way to get the money and have him on your team.

RB Mark Ingram $7,100 [email protected]: One of the best rushing attacks we’ve seen in a long time against the worst rushing defence in the league, oof.

WR Zach Pascal $5,300 [email protected]: Whenever Hilton is out, Pascal seems to find a lot of targets and has success, against Miami I like him even more.

WR Jamison Crowder $5,000 [email protected]: He looks like Darnold’s favourite target and he might be the man to finally get the Jets over 100 points.

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