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James’ DFS Tips – NFL Week 3

James’ DFS Tips – NFL Week 3 by James Platt

Week 2 was a good one for me, and you too, if you followed my picks! You see I’m not just an idiot, I can occasionally give some decent tips. For some reason this week I’ve done a Lidl fantasy team with a lot of players that are extremely cheap. This could either go extremely well or I could be entering week 4 with PTSD. Either way, let’s get on with the players I like this coming Sunday. 

My Tips This Week

Quarter Back

Pic: The Athletic

Been better, been worse!

Josh Allen

He was my sleeper pick last week and he paid off in a big way, Draft Kings unfortunately cottoned on and raised his price to $5,900 but Josh Allen is still a great play against the Bengals. His rushing ability that we saw last season hasn’t graced our TV screens yet, which is a bummer because I want to see him hurdle Anthony Barr again. However, when he does run, it’s been into the endzone and there is only one player who has more rushing touchdowns than him since week 12 of last season, Derrick Henry, a running back… 

John Brown his top receiver, also has an ideal match up against the Bengals secondary this week. Allen gives you a strong arm for big plays and a penchant for finding the endzone with his own legs. I never expected him to look this good in year 2. 

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Awesome Tip!

Kyle Allen

Now for this, I could look like an idiot or a genius. I am the mad titan Thanos, wanting to cleanse the world for this tip and I fully understand if you’re not going to follow me blindly. Hear me out. Pick up Kyle Allen for $4,000. Who is he? You may be asking. He’s Cam Newton’s backup who is now starting. So, if you’re still reading and didn’t immediately leave after that, I’ll explain my reasoning. First off, his price is juicy, it’s literally the minimum price for a QB and they usually raise it for a starting QB, but Draft Kings did an oopsie. This gives you amazing cap flexibility. 

Secondly, he had one start last season against the Saints and looked way better than Newton has this year. He scored two TDs through the air and ran one in. While this may be a small sample size, it’s promising. My final point is that they are only playing the Cardinals, a defence that doesn’t scare anyone and a secondary that seems to be non-existent. It’s an ideal situation for a player who has some talent around him. 

Running Back

Pic: Dallas Morning News

Been better, been worse!

Ezekiel Elliott

Okay so I’ve given you the cheapest option possible at QB. I think that gives me some leeway and means I should be able to spend more at RB. I’m going to say that this week, the No. 1 runner in the league will be Ezekiel Elliott. He’s the 2nd most expensive running back after Barkley at $8,900 but I think he’ll be worth it against Miami.  

Last season Elliott only had eleven goal line carries, he had three last week alone. While he only converted one of them it’s an extremely promising sign that he will be used like that going forward. I know it’s easy to rag on the Dolphins and I can do better but it’s basically free money, so I’ll take what they give me. I promise next week I’ll only include a Dolphins opponent if I really must (I must.) 

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Good Tip!

Frank Gore

Another risky pick here that some people might laugh at, but I think you should choose the 36-year-old Frank Gore to man your 2nd running back spot for $4,400. As I’m writing this, Devin Singletary has been ruled out for the Bill’s clash against Cincinnati which makes this tip even better. He doesn’t look his age after rushing for 68yards and a touchdown last week and if he has a similar game against the Bengals, you won’t find that production for a better price. 

I really don’t know why I’ve decided to give you guys such cheap players this week, but you can thank me when you have enough money left over to play a guy like Kamara or Barkley in the flex. I honestly have no problem with Gore this week, he’s clearly the lead back even when Singletary is healthy, and the Bills will give him the ball 20+ times as they spring to an early lead. 

Wide Receiver

Pic: USA Today

What was I thinking…

Kenny Golladay

Golladay hasn’t started the season very strong but a date with the Eagles secondary is looming. Their most competent cornerback is Sidney Jones and he isn’t competent. Stafford loves to throw it up to his tall receiver and he’ll be looking to set the critics straight that he’s one of the better receivers in the NFL. I was surprised he didn’t have a better game last week because for some reason the Chargers decided to prioritise Marvin Jones with their lockdown corner Casey Hayward. 

No. 1 receivers have been teeing off on the Eagles defence since last season and it’s amazing how they don’t lose more games because of it. I don’t necessarily think that Golladay is a true No. 1 receiver but he’s talented enough to have a hell of a fantasy outing in Philly. For $6,600 you can get some great value in week 3 with Mr Kenny Golladay. 

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Not such a great choice…

Marquise “Hollywood” Brown

A quick riser who hopefully isn’t as crackhead crazy as his cousin, Marquise Brown is a play this week at $5,900 in Arrowhead vs the Chiefs. In week 1, he was insane, he was in the game for just a handful of snaps and had over 150 yards with a pair of TDs. Last week, he wasn’t as impressive, but he still had an insane number of targets and had a clutch catch on the side-line to end the game, securing a win. 

This week there is a proposed shootout with the Chiefs and Patty Mahomes so we already know that the Ravens are going to have to pass to keep up with the KC offense. Then if you look at who the Chiefs might put on Brown it gets even better. Charvarius Ward will likely be tasked with shadowing Brown and so far, he’s given up over 150 yards on 10 catches. He’s a good reason the Chiefs are giving up the 9th most fantasy points to receivers, so you can expect a good night if you follow this tip. 

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What was I thinking…

Devin Smith

Some people are saying they really like Amari Cooper this week, but I think he’ll be a non-factor in this game. He has been one of the least effective receivers in the league when facing shadow coverage and Xavien Howard is one of the best at that so don’t expect a big game. However, the rest of Miami’s corners are practically traffic cones that you can run right past. I gave you Randall Cobb for $4,500 last week but this week I’m going even cheaper with Devin Smith at $3,400. 

He’s a little bit of a journeyman but last week he stepped into the No. 2 role with Michael Gallup injured and caught all three of his targets for 74 yards and a long touchdown. Gallup is out again so we can expect a lot of volume for Smith this week and he’ll be facing the speed bump that is CB Eric Rowe. The Cowboys are over twenty-point favourites in this game so their should be a lot of scores to go around and I think Smith may come down with one, if that’s the case, you get a whole lot of value here. 

Tight End

Pic: USA Today

Been better, been worse!

Zach Ertz

I don’t often go big on tight ends and if I ever recommend you go for Travis Kelce at over $7,000 then I have been body snatched and someone else is writing these tips. But I will offer you Zach Ertz this week for $5,900 as he seems to be the only completely healthy option for Wentz right now. I don’t know what happened last week but all the Eagles receiving options got hit by a bus, which leaves a lot of targets that need to go somewhere. If Dallas Goedert plays, then he could also be a good option here for under $3,000.  

Ertz will get over 10 targets and more than likely finish the game with a TD or two with Wentz showing aggressive tendencies last week, launching six balls into the endzone. Agholor and Arcega could be in play for you at receiver if you want to double down on the Eagles injury woes. This will probably be the only time I give you guys an expensive tight end so take him when I offer him. 

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Awesome Tip!

Greg Olsen

I didn’t realise that Greg Olsen was only $3,700, that’s an insanely good price for a guy that went off for 110-yards last week. Add in the fact that he’s playing against the Cardinals who in week 1 gave up the rookie debut tight end record to T.J Hockenson and last week got slaughtered by Mark Andrews. What does that give you? A great day for Greg Olsen. If you hadn’t noticed, yes, I am doing a stack with Kyle Allen and Olsen for $7,700. If this pays off, Tyler will quit as a fantasy football analyst. However, if this fails spectacularly, which it could, then I’m kind of screwed. 

Olsen projects to be the best security blanket for Allen as he picks apart the defence of Arizona. He should be open every single play if the last 2 weeks are anything to go by. With such a low-price tag, he doesn’t even have to do much to be worth you playing him and allowing you to spend big elsewhere. 



Good Tip!

New England Patriots

Easy pick here for my top defence of the week, splash out $3,800 and you can watch the Patriots manhandle Luke Falk in the Jet’s backfield. I’m not against you picking Dallas ruining Josh Rosen’s career even worse than Steve Keim did, but that’s an extra $500. Last week the Pats had four picks, two TDs, seven sacks and pitched a shutout. They have looked dominant through two weeks and the Jets are going to be embarrassed on Sunday.


What was I thinking…

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks defence did me dirty in week 1 against the Bengals but now they face the Saints without Drew Brees and a disappointing Bridgewater at the helm of the ship. For $3,200 you can watch Clowney have his way with the supposed future QB of the Saints. If I was Sean Payton, I’d put Taysom Hill at QB but I’m not the smartest person and that’d probably end terribly although it’d be very entertaining.

Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mentions

QB Matt Stafford $5,500 [email protected]: He’s QB5 in fantasy through the first 2 weeks and he’s facing one of the worst secondaries in the league.

RB Phillip Lindsay $4,300 [email protected]: For some reason Denver keeps trying to make Royce Freeman a thing but Lindsay should dominate in Wisconsin.

RB Jordan Wilkins $3,500 [email protected]: Marlon Mack has a calf injury, whether he plays or not, Wilkins will see some work on Sunday.

WR John Ross III $5,100 [email protected]: He’s had a monster start to the season with A.J Green not in the mix, lets see him burn some more corners.

WR Adam Thielen $6,700 [email protected]: The talented receiver faces Oakland’s corners who are allowing roughly 20 yards per reception.

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