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James’ DFS Tips – NFL Week 2

James’ DFS Tips – NFL Week 2 by James Platt

Well, week 1 is in the books and doesn’t it feel great to have football back in our lives? Sundays feel whole again, but my bank account feels a lot less whole after some of my poor performances in fantasy. However, the first week of the season is always the hardest to predict so with a little more knowledge and tape I think I have some absolute bangers for you to unleash on the fantasy world on gameday. 

My Tips This Week

Quarter Back

Pic: The Sports Daily

Tom Brady

When you look at a stat line of 341 yards and 3 TDs next to Tom Brady’s name, you might think it’s week 5 or 6 as the Patriots offense usually takes a bit of time to iron out the rough patches. But, in their home opener against Pittsburgh all pistons were firing, Brady and the offense looked extremely good against what could be a good defence this season. Now everyone says they’ll be 10X better with Antonio Brown, but he may only play a handful of snaps this week so pump the brakes on him for a second. 

However, the fearsome dynasty now travels to Miami where it seems everyone has thrown in the towel and they are simply waiting to pick No. 1 overall next April. Surprisingly, the Dolphins have won 6 of their last 7 games against the Patriots on home turf so maybe this will be the biggest upset in history or maybe New England will break the all-time scoring record of 65 points in a game. I tend to lean towards the latter and I think Brady is a must have on your team for $6,400. 

Pic: The Athletic

Good Tip!

Josh Allen

So, if you’re a listener of the Daft Kings podcast that me and Tyler put out weekly this is the sleeper pick that I was talking about. For just $5,300 you can pick up the Bills starting QB Josh Allen. Buffalo didn’t have a particularly impressive win over the Jets, but Allen did enough to convince me that I should take him this week. For week 2, the other New York team roll into town and I think the 2nd year QB will be running all over them as they don’t have nearly the aggressive defensive front that the Jets were attacking him with. 

Look past the two picks he threw, and you had a passing TD, a rushing TD and a bunch of yards. If you want an extra receiver pick, I like John Brown against Janoris Jenkins who struggles with some of the speedier receivers. When Josh Allen is in space, he’s a large guy to take down and he likes to run often which is perfect against this undisciplined defence of the Giants. 

Running Back

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Awesome Tip!

Dalvin Cook

This week we’ll get to see if the Packers defence is for real or not because Dalvin Cook is a monster and he’s coming for that revamped defensive line that kept the Bears in check during the season opener. Last week, Cook was the best player on many of my line ups with 29 points consisting of 2 scores and over 100 yards. Sadly, I didn’t advise you guys to take him but I’m going to be high on Cook’s fumes for the rest of the season and I think he slices this Green Bay defence like butter. 

The Vikings were a run first team in week 1 and if Dalvin is the break out star, we predict him to be then that should continue. He even had a couple of runs called back so if his offensive line can stop holding everyone that would be great. He’s not overly expensive at $7,200 and I think he’s a player we’re going to be telling you to take all season long. 

Pic Credit: cbssports

Been better, been worse!

Josh Jacobs

This is a chalk pick and you’d have to be stupid not to take the value here. You can pay just $4,700 to have the only first round rookie RB of 2019. He scored twice against Denver last week and shouldn’t have much difficulty gaining yards on the Kansas City defence on Sunday. This is like having a top running back such as Ezekiel Elliot for half the price and with him on your team it gives you amazing cap flexibility. 

I was sceptical of the Raiders offense coming into the season because of how vanilla it was in 2018 but maybe Gruden isn’t as washed up as I thought he was. I can see Jacobs becoming more involved in the passing game this week as the Chiefs have a fearsome defensive line that may lead to more dump offs falling into the rookie’s lap. I just can’t see how he isn’t worth the insanely low-price tag of $4,700. We give thanks to our Draft Kings overlords! 

Wide Receiver

Image Credit: USA Today

Been better, been worse!

JuJu Smith-Schuster

I was let down by a big money receiver last week and I’m hoping it isn’t a repeat this with Juju Smith Schuster who has a price tag of $7,500. He didn’t do badly last week considering he was against the Patriots who will do everything to shut down a teams No. 1 offensive weapon. In week 2, he’ll be facing a Seattle defence that should have lost them their game against the Bengals last week. Andy Dalton had a career day with over 400 yards passing and John Ross looked like a god.  

Big Ben is miles better than Dalton and Schuster is a top 10 receiver in this league, they should be able to tee off against the legion of boom rebuilding project. Outside of Schuster the receiving cupboard is rather bare so Pittsburgh had better hope that he can continue his rise to stardom and help them retake the AFC North. 

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What was I thinking…

Josh Gordon

It’s often a tricky task to work out who Brady’s favourite target is going to be week to week. You’ll be hard pinned to find an insider who was saying Dorsett would go off for over 100 yard and 2 TDs last week in the home opener for the Pats, so why risk taking a receiver from them? Well, because Josh Gordon has the opportunity for a long TD each week, a lot of work over the middle and he’s $1,100 less than Julian Edelman. 

I’m all for the Antonio brown party but I don’t think he’ll be doing much this week and he has that allegation that we won’t mention because I don’t fancy getting sued. For $5,800 you can get a guy who is trying to get his first big money contract and looks electric when he has the ball. I think that Brady is in love with Gordon’s height and enjoys giving him the opportunity to score long TDs. And, oh, did I mention earlier that the Patriots might just break the single game points record against Miami this week? 

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Not such a great choice…

Randall Cobb

I think we might see a new head coach by the name of Kellen Moore next season if we see the dominance displayed last week from the Dallas offense for the rest of 2019. Three receivers had big days and Prescott had a perfect QB rating. Admittedly, the Giants defence is pretty poor, but they usually play each other hard as divisional rivals and New York just rolled over and let Dallas have at it.  

Any of the Dallas receivers are a good pick against a Redskins defence that was simply overwhelmed by Philadelphia’s bevy of weapons last week. For his price, I chose Randall Cobb, the speedster in the slot that had over 60 yards and a TD grab. He costs just $4,500 and could go off against a scrambling Redskins secondary as they try to cover Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup who I both like this week. 

Tight End

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Awesome Tip!

Mark Andrews

I spoke on Mark Andrews as a potential breakout player and the proof is in the pudding. With 8 catches for over 100 yards and a TD, I think that pretty much secures Andrews place as Lamar Jacksons security blanket. Now, I know they faced the miserable Dolphins last week so he might see some regression but what if I told you it might get better? This week they face the Cardinals. 

Last week the Cardinals bestowed upon rookie tight end T.J. Hockenson a record 131 yards and a TD. Andrews is always on the field as a good blocker and I see this pick having insane value at $3,800. The Draft Kings price setters have really blessed us at tight end this week, we may as well take advantage. 

Pic Credit:

T.J. Hockenson

After a debut where he broke the yardage record for a rookie tight ends first game with 131 yards and a TD to top it off, he faces the Chargers. Now the Chargers aren’t at full strength with Derwin James out, but Adrian Phillips is no slouch who will likely be given the task of following HockensonEbron and Doyle didn’t really do anything against the Chargers but that is with a lesser QB and without the momentum that T.J. Hockenson is coming into week 2 with. I think that Matt Stafford loves this guy and as we know from Megatron’s days, if you have a rapport with Stafford then you’ll be force fed the ball whether you’re open or not. 

For $3,000 you can’t go wrong when you select Hockenson because if he only does a quarter of what he did against the Cardinals then you’ve got adequate value for him. If he has an insane game again that is entirely possible? Then you’ve gotten amazing cap flexibility and a big leg up on your opponents. Scouts said that Hockenson would be a good blocker and receiver, they weren’t wrong which means he stays on the field for extra opportunities. 


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What was I thinking…

Cincinnati Bengals

Some people may choke at this pick but for only $2,600 you can choose the Bengals defence that honestly looked quite good in a game that I thought was going to be a manhandling by the Seahawks. They have a few nice players on the defensive line with Carl Lawson and Geno Atkins, but also Sam Hubbard who splashed onto our screens by sacking the elusive Russell Wilson twice. It’s a risky pick but against the 49ers I don’t see why they can’t pressure Garoppolo all day and make some nice plays.


Awesome Tip!

New England Patriots

You’ll probably do well picking against the Dolphins offense each week, but this week especially. The Patriots defence is insanely good, usually, like the offense they take a few weeks to round into form. However, they looked damn good against a Pittsburgh offense that will probably be top 10 at the end of the season. They only allowed 3 points, they were swarming around big Ben all day and they were fast on the back end. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a shut out here, but you’ll have to part with $3,700.

Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mentions

QB Gardner Minshew II $4,800 [email protected]: Why not take a flyer on one of my new favourite players I didn’t even know about until last week? Houston isn’t a special defence.

RB Rex Burkhead $3,800 [email protected]: Tight cap space? Grab a rotational player with high TD upside as the Pats take on a demoralised defence.

RB Adrian Peterson $3,400 [email protected]: An even cheaper option here and I think he’ll be motivated to prove he’s still a great back, good value.

WR Sammy Watkins $7,200 [email protected]: Don’t expect him to have a monster game like last week but he should stay great with Hill out.

WR Courtland Sutton $4,200 [email protected]: Big week last week and figures to be the top receiver week after week with an old Emmanuel Sanders.

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