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Fantasy Football Tips – NFL Week 15

Fantasy Football Tips – NFL Week 15 by Tyler Arthur

My Tips This Week

Quarter Back

Pic: The Sports Daily

Been better, been worse!

Tom Brady

The G.O.A.T

Yeah, I’m as surprised as you are to be fair. I didn’t think I’d be calling on Tom Brady in DraftKings either, but then I looked at the QB options, and more importantly their prices. Tom Brady, one of the most reliable players in the league, only costs $5,900. He is the same price as Lamar Jackson and he actually costs less than Trubisky… The value is just too good, and I think that he can put up numbers against this Pittsburgh D.

Pic: The Athletic

Good Tip!

Josh Allen

Run Rookie Run

Rushing rookie QB Lama— oh damn, Josh Allen? Yep, Josh Allen is the elite rushing Quarterback which none of us expected, all of a sudden. After seeing him rush for a record-breaking 335-yards rushing over the last three weeks, I am sold. You can’t ignore him forever, he’s averaging 28.1 fantasy points over that same 3 game span, and this week he faces the Lions Defense… I like Allen this week, and at $5,800 is very reasonable

Running Back

Pic: Dallas Morning News

Been better, been worse!

Ezekiel Elliott

The Big Price Play

Yeah, he’s expensive, and everyone already knows that he is great, but I’m making sure people don’t get scared off by the price. If you’re playing in a cash game (particularly double ups etc) and you need to make sure you don’t miss out on those huge weeks, you need to keep an eye on the Cowboys bellcow back. As I mentioned, the price of $9,000 is quite scary, but I think he has a very high chance of having a big week, and so I am reminding you how damn good he is so that you won’t miss out on a huge performance.

NBC Sports

Not such a great choice…

Jeff Wilson Jr

Budget Option

If you bring in the likes of Saquon ($9,400) or Zeke ($9,000) you have a very reliable floor already – now for some cheaper options with a bit of upside. At the RB position there is a plethora to choose from in the $4,000’s range, none better than the 49er’s current starter, Jeff Wilson Jr., who will cost you $4,600. The new starter (how many have we had this season, 4 now?) for San Francisco already faced the Seahawks a couple of weeks ago, and on the road, he recorded 20.4 fantasy points, without even scoring. If Wilson returns to this kind of form now that he faces the same defense – but this time at home – all it takes is a Touchdown to have a great game at a reasonable price.

Wide Receiver

Image Credit: USA Today

Not such a great choice…

Juju Smith-Schuster

The Highest I’d Spend

If you haven’t already noticed, there are a lot of games this week that aren’t on Sunday, and several great options for DFS are therefore not available on this main Sunday slate. The Rams aren’t available, the Chiefs and Chargers already played, etc. so there are way less options at the top end, and I don’t like them. The most expensive receiver I will buy this week is JuJu Smith-Schuster, at $8,000. Thielen’s QB is bad and opponent is underrated, Julio is going to be shadowed by Patrick Peterson all game, and Antonio Brown costs $500 more than the younger Steelers star, but will receive significantly more defensive attention – it’s for these reasons that I would rather go for JuJu. (Yes, Odell is the final receiver who costs more but he’s injured so even if he plays don’t touch him). I think that this Steelers game will be a good one for fantasy on both sides, but I really think that out of everyone he has the potential to be the #1 WR on the week. That upside is worth it for 8k.

Good Tip!

Jordy Nelson

Normally We Target Them, Let’s Give the Raiders some Love

I have been targeting my beloved Oakland Raiders all season, but now we get to see them up against a banged up and (more influentially) newly Hue Jackson-ified Bengals team. The Bengals are in a bad way, to the point where you can target them even with a 3-10 opponent. Any of the Raiders offense has a legitimate chance at some upside in this game, my favourite (in terms of value) is Jordy Nelson, at an incredible price of just $4,200. Jordy has had good games and bad games this year, but the performances have little-to-nothing to do with him – it’s whether the opponent can stop him, and it’s whether Derek Carr can get him the ball. Nelson has had a couple of decent weeks in a row, and against this Bengals team I think he can get to double digit points with potential Touchdown upside.

Image Credit: USA Today

Not such a great choice…

Tyler Lockett

Underrated, Explosive, Terrifying… Not That Expensive

Tyler Lockett is a very unusual fantasy player. He feels like he should be an upside player, he’s fast, he’s explosive, and he’s got great hands. When you see him have games like he did against the 49ers (1 reception all game, but for a 52-yard Touchdown) you think he’s a big play merchant – but that isn’t his limit. He usually gets between 4 and 8 targets per game, and he has caught 80% of them on the season. If he can get a few more receptions this time than he did in the first game against San Francisco, he could definitely return on at an affordable price of $6,200.

Tight End


What was I thinking…

Rob Gronkowski

Not A Great Safety, But the Great Tight End

Good lord I enjoyed watching last week as Kenyan Drake scored the ‘Miami Miracle’ and Rob Gronkowski was left laying on the floor next to the endzone, (not only was it funny because it was against the Patriots, but that play also got me a lot of fantasy points), however when he is playing on Offense, Gronk is pretty good. When he’s at Tight End he will absolutely dominate most teams, but Pittsburgh is a particular favourite of his. And, although he does cost $5,800, I think this week he will dominate a little extra and provide so much upside its worth it. The game will be high scoring and the Pittsburgh D can’t defend over the middle of the field, so expect a few dagger and post routes, many of which will be thrown to the 6’6 animal wearing #87.

Image Credit: USA Today

Awesome Tip!

Evan Engram

OBJ Inactive, Queue This Guy

Every single time that Odell Beckham doesn’t play, I start Evan Engram where I can. Last year, after OBJ broke his ankle, Engram was an absolute force to be reckoned with. The Rookie was the TE5 overall last year, and now he finds himself without Beckham again. Last week (the first with the star WR out) he put up 10.7 points against Washington, and I think this week he will be set to get double digits again, even against a pretty tough defense in the form of the Titans.


Image Credit: USA Today

Awesome Tip!

Washington Redskins

The DST position this week is quite pricy at the top, with the Jags and Seahawks being priced so high for a very good reason, but I’m not going to splash $3,000+ on a defense. This week my favourite value on DraftKings is the Redskins, at $2,400. Washington are on the road against the Jaguars, who suck, there’s little more to it than that. If they don’t do much, they’re at least a safe enough bet that you probably won’t lose because of them, but with what I can only refer to as ‘Bortles Upside’.

Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mentions

Lamar Jackson vs Tampa Bay – QB – $5,900

Leonard Fournette vs Washington – RB – $7,500

Gus Edwards vs Tampa Bay – RB – $4,400

Amari Cooper @ Indianapolis – WR – $7,500

Allen Robinson vs Green Bay – WR – $5,500

Calvin Ridley vs Arizona – WR – $5,000 

C.J Uzomah vs Oakland – TE – $3,600

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