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Divisional Round – Betting Tips

Divisional Round – Betting Tips by Tips Central

All odds accurate at time of tip creation and are subject to change

My Tips This Week

Tip 1: Kansas City Chiefs VS Indianapolis Colts –

Image Credit: USA Today

Indianapolis Colts +5.0

Odds 1.90
Stake £1

KCs 3rd down defence is poor, allowing 41.5% of 3rd downs this season (25th in the league). Colts are converting 49.6% of 3rd downs this season (1st). The Colts are poised to do anything they need to do, run and chew clock, be in a shootout etc. Indianapolis is probably the best 6th seed since the Packers went all the way 7/8 years ago.

Tip 2: Los Angeles Rams VS Dallas Cowboys –

Pic: Sporting News

Dallas Cowboys +7

Odds 1.95
Stake £1

The two things that hurt the Rams the most, a downhill running game (check) and a pair of sideline to sideline linebacker to stop the outside zone (check). Also, the cornerbacks for Dallas should be a good matchup too, Byron Jones against Brandin Cooks seems like a decent match up. The Rams could well win, but 7 points is a lot.

Tip 3: New England Patriots VS Los Angeles Chargers –

Pic: Boston Sports Extra

LA Chargers +4

Odds 1.90
Stake £1

Best home team vs best road team. LA haven’t lost a game outside of LA this year, they’ve got a devastating pass rush between Bosa and Ingram. Rivers is playing really well and Keenan Allen is playing really well as well. I think the Chargers could well win this to be honest (and I’m a Patriots fan!). The Patriots just haven’t looked prototypical Patriots, and the wins haven’t been by much.

Tip 4: New Orleans Saints VS Philadelphia Eagles –

Image Credit: WSJ

New Orleans Saints -8.0

Odds 1.90
Stake £1

New Orleans average over 400 YPG on offence this season (5th) and last time they played Philly allowed 546 yards to them in Week 11. I also think they have anyone who will be able to cover Michael Thomas, like Maddox was being beaten by Allen Robinson last week. As much as Nick Foles is coming in 4-1-1, I think NO will play so much better in the dome, and they’ve had the extra week off too.

Tip 5: Los Angeles Rams VS Dallas Cowboys –

Pic: Dallas Morning News

Ezekiel Elliot over 94,5 rushing yards

Odds 1.83
Stake £1

(SKYBET) LA have an explosive offensive, so if Garrett has any sense (questionable), he’ll limit the amount of time LA can possess the ball for, and hope for a defensive turnover of two. This seems sensible for a guy who could get over 25 touches on the ground, against a pretty poor run defence.

Tip 6: Los Angeles Rams VS Dallas Cowboys –

Image Credit: CBS

Dallas Cowboys over 0.5 first half field goals

Odds 1.8
Stake £1

A controlling drive, with a decent run stuff on first and second down, a non-converted 3rd down followed by a field goal. I can see that happening at least once in the first half, if not twice!

Tip 7: New Orleans Saints VS Philadelphia Eagles –

Dallas Goedert anytime TD scorer

Odds 7
Stake £1

He did us well last week, and again I think the Saints will try to limit Zach Ertz’s effectiveness, so if they go to a 2TE set down in the redone, look for Goedert to score again. (half stake)

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