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Chris Tebbutt’s Betting Tips – NFL Week 5 by Hub Admin - Hatch

All odds accurate at time of tip creation and are subject to change

My Tips This Week

Tip 1: Atlanta Falcons VS New York Jets – 10th October 2021

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New York Jets to Win

Odds 2.25
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £22.50
A wiser man that me once said “a hungry dog runs fast” and the jets are still hungrier than the Falcons who will always find a way to lose. I’ve you have a power price, boost it on this and as much as I’d love to make jokes about it being in London and Jet-Lag, I think the falcons are going to suffer from it more than the jets.

Tip 2: Cincinnati Bengals VS Green Bay Packers – 10th October 2021

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Ja'marr Chase to have 100+ receiving yards and 1+ TD

Odds 6.5
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £65.00
I think it’s time that the cigar toting LSU students show what they are all about by maybe not beating the Packers but showing they are legitimate contenders, a far cry from the Cincinnati team of last year and the Burrow-Chase connection will continue to produce highlights on the field and in my bank account.

Tip 3: Multiple Games!

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Miami Dolphins & New York Jets to win

Odds 12.00
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £120.00
Is this the same pick as above, absolutely not. Because it’s a sad day when a Dolphins fan has more faith in the jets to beat the falcons, than the dolphins to beat the buccaneers. But the odds have spoken to me and I have a feeling the Dolphins might pull one out, B-Flo knows Brady well and has had his trousers down before. I beg the Dolphins pull it out, so I have more money to spend on merch in Tottenham next week.

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