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Britball With The Breens Does NFL – Wild Card Weekend by Sean Robert

All odds accurate at time of tip creation and are subject to change
Super Wild Card Weekend selections
Really this season, don’t bet, the NFL is wild. . .

My Tips This Week

Tip 1: Buffalo Bills VS Indianapolis Colts – 9th January 2021

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Buffalo Bills over Indianapolis Colts

Odds 1.36
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £13.60
• Rivers doesn’t do well in the cold
• Bills are rolling with Josh Allen

Tip 2: Seattle Seahawks VS Los Angeles Rams – 9th January 2021

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Seattle Seahawks over Los Angeles Rams

Odds 1.53
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £15.30
• Seahawks defence has started playing well and playoff Russ to make an appearance.
• Rams may be starting Wolford again and Seahawks got the better of them a few weeks back.

Tip 3: Washington VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 10th January 2021

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Washington Football Team

Odds 1.25
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £12.50
• Tampa Bay offence is rolling and offensive line good enough to handle Washington defensive line long enough for Brady to make plays.
• Washington have Alex Smith back in but their offence still struggles to put up points.

Tip 4: Tennessee Titans VS Baltimore Ravens – 10th January 2021

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Tennessee Titans over Baltimore Ravens

Odds 2.45
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £24.50
• Derrick Henry has gotten hot at the end of the season but the biggest factor here may up being the receivers because the Ravens are focused on stopping Henry.
• The Ravens have looked good last few weeks however have a really bad habit of changing the way they play against good teams and losing.

Tip 5: New Orleans Saints VS Chicago Bears – 10th January 2021

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New Orleans Saints over Chicago bears

Odds 1.2
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £12.00
• Saints offence is getting pieces back and has managed to score points all season. Defence is excellent and gets a lot of pressure.
• Trubisky doesn’t deal well with pressure and the bears haven’t played a defence this good and won.

Tip 6: Pittsburgh Steelers VS Cleveland Browns – 11th January 2021

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Pittsburgh Steelers over Cleveland Browns

Odds 1.4
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £14.00
• Steelers ran the Browns close last week with a lot of backups.
• Browns are missing some key coaches including their head coach and some key players.

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