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Britball With The Breens Does NFL – Week 16

Britball With The Breens Does NFL – Week 16 by Sean Robert

Here are the predictions for week 16. We have had a few bad weeks now so hopefully the NFL fixes itself haha..

My Tips This Week

Tip 1: Philadelphia Eagles VS Dallas Cowboys – 22nd December 2019

Pic: Dallas Morning News


Cowboys Over Eagles

Odds 1.73
Stake £10.00
Returns £17.30
Profit / Loss £-10.00

• Cowboys have all the offensive weapons to cause some damage in the playoffs if they get hot now.
• Dak is playing well but after a scare last week will he play?
• The eagles are unbelievably decimated by injuries. 9 First team players showed up on the injury report this week.

Tip 2: Miami Dolphins VS Cincinnati Bengals – 22nd December 2019

Pic Credit:


Dolphins Over Bengals

Odds 2.0
Stake £10.00
Returns £20.00
Profit / Loss £10.00

• Dolphins have run most teams close since the middle of the season. Offence is scoring points.
• Bengals ran the steelers close but then got blown away by the patriots. They are struggling to find any identity what so ever.
• This could likely be the battle for Joe Burrows signature. Likely the first quarterback to go in next years draft both these teams are in need of a signal caller.

Tip 3: New England Patriots VS Buffalo Bills – 21st December 2019

Pic: The Athletic


Bills Over Patriots

Odds 3.25
Stake £10.00
Returns £32.50
Profit / Loss £-10.00

• Bills would have beat patriots last time if not for a cheating targeting by their DB on the bills last drive near the game end.
• Patriots offence can’t find any rhythm and although the defence is playing at an extremely high level the bills can score points.
• Bills defence is the leagues best at the moment. They stuff the run and are very stout against the pass.

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