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Britball With The Breens Does NFL – Week 13

Britball With The Breens Does NFL – Week 13 by Sean Robert

Here are the predictions for week 13. We have had a few bad weeks now so hopefully the NFL fixes itself haha..

My Tips This Week

Tip 1: Cincinnati Bengals VS New York Jets – 1st December 2019

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Jets Over Bengals

Odds 1.57
Stake £10.00
Returns £15.70
Profit / Loss £-10.00

• Jets proved that they have taken strides by blowing out the raiders.
• Darnold got lucky afterwards so Id expect he wants to continue that trend. The offence has been scoring better over the last couple of weeks.
• Bengals put up a good fight against the steelers last week but the steelers were missing a lot of players.

Tip 2: Indianapolis Colts VS Tennessee Titans – 1st December 2019

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Titans Over Colts

Odds 2.10
Stake £10.00
Returns £21.00
Profit / Loss £11.00

• Titans have been running the ball much better in recent weeks and colts have been giving up some decent rush yards.
• Brissett is back and played well last week but the colts haven’t looked like the same team on offence and have lost Eric Ebron for the season.
• Tannehill has rejuvenated the titans and they will look to get in the mix for this division. He is 4-1 as a starter with 10-4 TD/INT ratio and a 72% completion rate.

Tip 3: Arizona Cardinals VS Los Angeles Rams – 1st December 2019

Pic: NBC Sports


Cardinals Over Rams

Odds 2.38
Stake £10.00
Returns £23.80
Profit / Loss £-10.00

• Rams coming off a thumping from the Ravens that means their playoff hopes are hanging by a thread.
• Cardinals have shown they can keep in with most teams in the league this year with an offence that scores points.
• Rams defence is good against the run, however the cardinals are pass happy and could take advantage of the secondary.

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