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Britball With The Breens Does NFL – Week 13 by Sean Robert

All odds accurate at time of tip creation and are subject to change

My Tips This Week

Tip 1: Chicago Bears VS Detroit Lions – 6th December 2020

Pic Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears over Detroit Lions

Odds 1.62
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £16.20

– The bears have a really good defence even though Rodgers ripped it to bits. The problem is their offence. The offence is playing against a defence that ranks in the bottom 10 of the NFL.
– The Lions are coming off a heavy loss, fired their head coach & general manager and they are missing swift and golladay.

Tip 2: Arizona Cardinals VS Los Angeles Rams – 6th December 2020

Pic Credit:

Los Angeles Rams over Arizona Cardinals

Odds 1.67
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £16.70

– The rams are coming off a loss against the 49ers but they really should have put that game to bed early. The rams are very good against the pass game which the cardinals rely on.
– The Cardinals are also coming off a defeat to the patriots. Their run game is really struggling to get going and they may be missing fitzgerald again. 

Tip 3: Houston Texans VS Indianapolis Colts – 6th December 2020

Pic credit:

Indianapolis Colts over Houston Texans

Odds 1.53
Stake £10.00
Potential Returns £15.30

– The colts may have lost heavy to the titans in the end but they were missing two of their best players this season in Jonathon Taylor and Deforest Buckner. The defence is excellent and should rebound this week.
– The Texans made the Lions look silly and Deshaun Watson is on a hot streak at the moment. The loss of fuller is massive to this receiver core and Watson may have to look at backups for the passing game.

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