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Britball With The Breens Does NFL – Week 12

Britball With The Breens Does NFL – Week 12 by Sean Robert

My Tips This Week

Tip 1: Philadelphia Eagles VS Seattle Seahawks – 24th November 2019

Pic: Heightline


Seahawks over Eagles

Odds 2.05
Stake £10.00
Returns £20.50
Profit / Loss £10.50
• Seahawks beat the undefeated 49ers after double overtime thanks to some Russell ‘MVP’ Wilson magic.
• Eagles had the patriots number but their offence looked so poor.
• Defences that will allow points but the seahawks offence seems to score more consistently.

Tip 2: Atlanta Falcons VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 24th November 2019

Image Credit: Metro US


Falcons Over Bucs

Odds 1.48
Stake £10.00
Returns £14.80
Profit / Loss £-10.00
• Falcons defence have shown up big last 2 games, which begs the question, where the hell have they been all season?
• Winston isn’t doing himself any favours now. A 4 INT game last week is not going to keep him in a job. Try and force things against a defence playing lights out is trouble.
• Falcons have always had a good-looking offence. If it gets production like last week this one won’t be close.

Tip 3: New York Jets VS Oakland Raiders – 24th November 2019

Pic Credit:


Raiders Over Jets

Odds 1.67
Stake £10.00
Returns £16.70
Profit / Loss £-10.00
• Raiders are finding their groove and have a rookie with as many sacks as $140m over rated mack. Josh Jacobs surely has to be OROTY behind a gargantuan offensive line that averages 336lbs.
• Jets themselves have put together some good performances in the last couple of games however still look vulnerable on offence under pressure.
• Raiders to get up early and then hold out in a close one.

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