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Britball With The Breens Does NFL – Week 11

Britball With The Breens Does NFL – Week 11 by Sean Robert

Here are the predictions for week 11. 0 out of 3 in week 10.. I think the NFL was broken last week. Makes it exciting but no use for betting.

My Tips This Week

Tip 1: Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS New Orleans Saints – 17th November 2019

Image Credit: USA Today


Saints over Bucs

Odds 1.4
Stake £10.00
Returns £14.00
Profit / Loss £4.00

• How in gods name the saints lost to the falcons I’ll never know, but assume they will take it out on the poor bucs this weekend.
• Bucs just waived their former first round cornerback because he was made to look silly.
• Saints offence is usually very productive, expect them to get back to scoring plenty points.

Tip 2: Indianapolis Colts VS Jacksonville Jaguars – 17th November 2019

Pic Credit:


Jags over Colts

Odds 2.25
Stake £10.00
Returns £22.50
Profit / Loss £-10.00

• Brissett is just back from an injury and the colts offence has been struggling in recent weeks.
• Jags defence is solid, good front 7 to stop the colts running.
• Foles is back to start for the jags this week so expect a better showing from their offence.

Tip 3: Philadelphia Eagles VS New England Patriots – 17th November 2019

Pic: The Sports Daily


Patriots over Eagles

Odds 1.53
Stake £10.00
Returns £15.30
Profit / Loss £5.30

• Patriots coming off their first loss to the Baltimore ravens with a bye week to prepare for the eagles with no Jackson and Jeffrey. Yikes.
• Eagles have been so hit or miss this season, knocking off teams like the packers and bills then losing to teams like the falcons.
• Key is the run game. If the patriots top it they win the game.

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