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CPP #105: On A Promise

A very drunk episode as Si & Sam have been to a beer festival all day.

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We talk about the Draft 2020 in Las Vegas, next seasons salary cap increase and whats next for Mr Joe Flacco.

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NFL Week 15 – Picks Review Part 1

I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that beating the Broncos earns you a few “mad props” from the community. Because San Fran got pasted by Seattle in week 13, since then the Seahawks have gone and beaten the Vikings comfortably with a strong run game and smash mouth running the football.

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NFL Week 15 – Picks Preview

Now, sometimes what an offence needs is to come up against the literal cast of Keanu Reeve’s movie “The Replacements” playing in the secondary against you, which is what the Eagles have.

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