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E27 Filippo, Filoppo

This time around it is the London Games, John DeFilippo’s sacking in Minnesota and discussions on some of the crazy things that happened in week 14.

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Gridiron Picks Weekly League Table Update – NFL Week 14

Now, as I’ve mentioned before. Santa Oz is giving away a £100 Amazon gift voucher over the next three weeks. To be in the draw, all you need to do is make sure you’re in the top 50% of picksters across the entire 3 weeks (15-17)

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NFL Week 14 – Picks Results

Don’t take anything away from Miami, they played the hell out of this game and worked hard for the victory, you know who doesn’t look their actual age of 62? Frank Gore, that dude is old as dirt and still getting it done great stuff.

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NFL Week 14 – Picks Review Part 2

Dallas’ offence has gotten much better since they last played due to the Cooper trade, whereas Philly has gotten noticeably worse. I do think Dallas will be the worst Division winner in the playoffs this year, but that doesn’t matter in this game at all.

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NFL Week 14 – Picks Review

Brady in his career at Miami is 7-9. That’s right, he has a losing record when playing on the road in Miami, in fact, he’s lost 4 of his last 5 on the Road against the Dolphins, so yeah they could win. Now I’m of the firm belief that they won’t because the Dolphins well and truly suck, but there’s still a chance.

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All the latest breaking news from the NFL, a look back at week 13’s results and talking points.

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