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Dogshit Teams – Britball 2018 – Week 17

I thought we were done with this bollocks for the season but no, Worcestershire Black Knights go and fucking forfeit a fucking playoff game like a massive bunch of pussyholes. One of the refs from their Week 16 game against Jurassic Coast told one of our team that the Black Knights had 40+ players in…

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Dogshit Teams – 2018 – Week 13

Two more forfeitures this week mean that the Coventry Jets, Jurassic Coast Raptors, and Bury Saints are joined by the Farnham Knights and West Coast Trojans in the dogshit pile. Apparently for West Coast this is a ‘second yellow card’ in the past 2 seasons and should mean that they are given associate status next…

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Dogshit Teams – 2018 – Week 11

Sadly we had our fourth forfeit of the season over the weekend as the Coventry Jets could not muster the numbers or talent to face the Leicester Falcons. To the Jets credit, they didn’t try to pull the old classic Player Safety card and instead went for a much more honest approach to their current…

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Dogshit Teams – 2018 – Week 9

Week 8 saw another team forfeit a game with the Jurassic Coast Raptors pulling out of their fixture against Torbay. This means that Jurassic Coast join the Bury Saints and Carlisle Sentinels on our 2018 list of dogshit teams.

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Meme Dump 56 – This is America

Second forfeit of the season comes from the Prem South the night before the actual fixture. The Bury Saints have pulled out of their game against the London Warriors. The usual ‘Player safety’ card has been played. Have a little Bury Saints Meme Dump.

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