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E27 Filippo, Filoppo

This time around it is the London Games, John DeFilippo’s sacking in Minnesota and discussions on some of the crazy things that happened in week 14.

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NFL Week 8 – Picks Preview

Am I the only one happy to see AP beating up opposing defences like they were his children?

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NFL Week 5 – Picks Results

I like Coutee I think he’s emerging into a great player. What I don’t like is for people to have another reason to bring up that stupid bloody Drake song.

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NFL Week 6 – Picks Preview

KC is tied for the top of the NFL with the Rams. Brady and the Pats? Well, they’re tied with the Dolphins for the top of the AFC East. None of that matters though, because the Pats don’t conform to narratives.

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NFL Week 5 – Picks Preview

I’m looking forward to seeing Efe have a crack at that turnstile O-Line, this could be big tings a gwaning for the mandem. (Jesus I’m white.)

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