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NFL Wildcard Week Preview

Now, we reach the time when it counts. This is what the whole season built up to, the Playoffs.

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NFL Week 15 – Picks Review Part 1

I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that beating the Broncos earns you a few “mad props” from the community. Because San Fran got pasted by Seattle in week 13, since then the Seahawks have gone and beaten the Vikings comfortably with a strong run game and smash mouth running the football.

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NFL Week 14 – Picks Preview

Side note, I might be a Jinx. Last Thursday I prised myself out of my deathbed to help Moose with the Podcast, and a few things I singled out, didn’t go so well. Namely, the Saints, A.J. Green and the Colts Wildcard hopes.

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Fantasy NFL Tips – 2018-19 Week 10

After last week’s performance it won’t take much for me to convince you that the Saints Tight End is a very talented player, but he is worth a lot more than his $3,400 price tag…

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NFL Week 9 – Picks Results

I heard Rich Gannon talking trash about Matt Stafford today on CBS, saying he wasn’t clutch and had too many turnovers. Rich, with your limp ass arm you shouldn’t stand in a glass house and throw stones, I still remember Super Bowl XXXVII where you threw 5 TDs, 3 of them Nathan Peterman specials that Tampa took to the house.

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