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Gridiron Picks Weekly League Table Update – NFL Week 5

I’m still reeling over the fact I picked the ‘Skins to beat the Panthers this week. Unfortunately, no take backs. You know what doesn’t require take backs though? The Weekly Table review.

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NFL Week 5 – Picks Review

The Bills will beat the Titans. Not a chance, Buffalo is bad, not Nathan Peterman bad, more like Sam Bradford in Arizona bad.

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Gridiron Picks Weekly League Table Update – NFL Week 4

I think I’m back to loathing Wednesday’s again guys, with no games to watch on Tuesday nights I can’t zombie my way through a work day on 3 hours sleep.

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The Fumble | S2E05 – Live from Wembley

Efe Obada of Carolina Panthers is interviewed on this podcast, and it leaves you wondering what happened on the bouncy castle. Fletch & Vern love the Rams.

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NFL Week 4 – Picks Results

I’ll even go so far as to the magic is gone, the Fitzmagic that is.

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NFL Week 5 – Picks Preview

I’m looking forward to seeing Efe have a crack at that turnstile O-Line, this could be big tings a gwaning for the mandem. (Jesus I’m white.)

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